Bridgestone Europe and Lancashire Constabulary Among Winners at TyreSafe 2024 Awards

TyreSafe, the UK charity committed to promoting tyre safety and reducing tyre-related incidents, held its annual briefing and awards ceremony at the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham.

The event, attended by representatives from various sectors within the tyre industry and a coalition of road safety stakeholders, celebrated the efforts of organisations and individuals dedicated to tyre safety.

This year's ceremony highlighted TyreSafe’s ongoing mission to collaborate with automotive sector organisations to disseminate critical tyre safety messages. The awards, sponsored by leading tyre manufacturers and distributors such as Bridgestone, Continental, Pirelli, Yokohama, and Micheldever/Protyre, acknowledged outstanding contributions across several categories.

The 2024 TyreSafe Award Winners

Safety in the Community

  • Winner: Micheldever Tyre Services

Online & Social Media

  • Winner Large Organisation: Protyre
  • Winner Independent Retailer: John Stone Tyres
  • Highly Commended: Elite Tyres

Innovation & Technology

  • Winner: National Highways
  • Highly Commended: John Stone Tyres


  • Winner Large Retailer: Protyre
  • Winner Independent Retailer: John Stone Tyres

Manufacturer of the Year

  • Winner: Bridgestone Europe (UK office)
  • Highly Commended: Ford of Britain and Ireland

Outstanding Contribution to Tyre Safety

  • Lancashire Constabulary
  • Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service

The awards ceremony underscored the significant impact that these organisations have made in promoting tyre safety and reducing accidents on the UK's roads. Among the notable winners, Lancashire Constabulary and Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service were recognised for their exceptional contributions to tyre safety, highlighting the critical role that emergency services play in this domain.

Emphasising Collaboration and Innovation

During the briefing, key speakers from across the tyre industry and associated sectors shared insights and strategies for enhancing tyre safety. The importance of innovation and technology was a recurrent theme, as evidenced by National Highways’ recognition in this category. Protyre and John Stone Tyres were particularly lauded for their effective use of online platforms and social media to raise awareness and engage with the public on tyre safety issues.

Bridgestone Europe’s UK office was honoured as Manufacturer of the Year, reflecting the company's commitment to high standards and safety in tyre manufacturing. Ford of Britain and Ireland received a commendation, further showcasing the automotive industry's dedication to tyre safety.

The TyreSafe 2024 awards ceremony not only celebrated the achievements of the winners but also reinforced the collective effort required to promote tyre safety across the UK. As TyreSafe continues to build partnerships and drive awareness campaigns, the contributions of these award recipients will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in making UK roads safer for all.

Bridgestone Europe and Lancashire Constabulary Among Winners at TyreSafe 2024 Awards
June 14, 2024
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