Bridgestone Backs EG Wholesale at Annual Golf Day in Sussex

Bridgestone has reinforced its commitment to a valued customer, EG Wholesale, by sponsoring their annual golf day held at Goodwood Golf Club on Friday, 10th May.

The event, which was marked by clear skies and enthusiasm, showcased Bridgestone’s ongoing support and highlighted their close relationship with one of the South’s leading independent tyre, MOT, car service, and forecourt operators.

EG Wholesale, known for its 18 retail sites and burgeoning wholesale operation, enjoyed a day of networking and camaraderie on the greens. Bridgestone not only put its name to the event but also made its presence felt throughout the course. A notable feature was the chipping challenge near the 10th hole, where participants had the chance to exhibit their short game skills while learning about Bridgestone’s premium product range.

Left to Right: James Bailey, Steve Allen, Gary Miles and Andy Mitchell prepare to tee off at Elite Wholesale’s golf day at Goodwood. Image:

The event also served a noble cause, with the chosen charity being the Mary How Trust. This organisation provides health screenings to detect early signs of cancer and other serious illnesses. The day’s activities successfully raised £1,650 for the Trust, contributing to their vital work in the community.

Phil Berry, Bridgestone’s Trade Marketing Executive, expressed the significance of the event, stating, “Elite are a hugely important customer of ours, and their team have been strong advocates of our products for many years. We wanted to give something back and support them to ensure their day would be as memorable as possible. It was great to see our branding across the course, and it was also a valuable exercise in bringing our tyre range to life for Elite’s wholesale customers.”

Andy Mitchell, Sales Manager at Elite Group, echoed these sentiments, remarking on the positive impact of Bridgestone’s involvement. “Having Bridgestone as our main sponsor has made for a brilliant day. Seeing their branding across the golf course added a sense of prestige to the proceedings, and we thank the Bridgestone sales team for their support.”

Mitchell further highlighted the successful year for Elite Garages, noting the robust performance across its retail and wholesale operations. “We’ve gone from strength to strength in 2024, with potential to grow as a network in the months to come. We’re proud to offer the best professional advice to our customers, and our relationship with Bridgestone allows us to keep on growing. We appreciate their support and look forward to more collaborations in the future.”

The golf day at Goodwood not only strengthened the business relationship between Bridgestone and Elite but also reinforced their shared commitment to community support and excellence in service.

Q&A on Bridgestone's Sponsorship of EG Wholesale's Annual Golf Day

Bridgestone aimed to support and strengthen its relationship with a valued customer, EG Wholesale, while also showcasing their premium product range to EG’s wholesale customers.

When and where did the event take place?

The event was held on Friday, 10th May at Goodwood Golf Club in Sussex.

Who is EG Wholesale?

EG Wholesale is one of the South’s leading independent tyre, MOT, car service, and forecourt operators, boasting 18 retail sites and a thriving wholesale operation.

How did Bridgestone contribute to the event?

Bridgestone sponsored the event and enhanced its presence around the golf course, notably through a chipping challenge near the 10th hole. This allowed participants to engage with the brand and learn more about its range of premium products.

Which charity benefited from the event, and how much was raised?

The Mary How Trust, an organisation that provides health screenings to detect early signs of cancer and other serious illnesses, benefited from the event. A total of £1,650 was raised for the charity.

What did representatives from Bridgestone and EG Wholesale say about the event?

Phil Berry, Bridgestone’s Trade Marketing Executive, emphasised the importance of supporting Elite and making the day memorable while also bringing Bridgestone’s tyre range to life for EG’s customers. Andy Mitchell, Sales Manager at Elite Group, praised Bridgestone’s sponsorship, highlighting how their branding added prestige to the event and acknowledging the strong business relationship between the two companies.

How has EG Wholesale been performing in 2024?

According to Andy Mitchell, EG Wholesale has been experiencing a successful year, with robust performance across its 18 retail sites and wholesale operations, and there is potential for further growth in the coming months.

What are the future plans for the relationship between Bridgestone and EG Wholesale?

Both companies look forward to continuing their collaboration, with Bridgestone’s support playing a key role in EG Wholesale’s ongoing growth and success.

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