Bridgestone Advances Air-Free Concept Tyre Technology

Bridgestone has been developing its innovative "Air Free Concept" tyre technology since 2008, aiming to create a next-generation tyre that doesn't require air inflation.

Bridgestone Advances Air-Free Concept Tyre Technology
Bridgestone Advances Air-Free Concept Tyre Technology
July 4, 2024

This airless tyre technology offers several key benefits:

  • No flat tyres: The unique spoke structure supports the vehicle's weight without the need for air, eliminating the risk of flat tyres.
  • Reduced maintenance: With no air pressure to manage, these tyres require less maintenance compared to traditional pneumatic tyres.
  • Environmentally friendly: The Air Free Concept tyres are designed to be more eco-conscious:
    • They are recyclable, using resin-made spokes and tread rubber.
    • The tyres have a retreadable surface, promoting reuse.
    • They offer reduced CO2 emissions due to lower rolling resistance, comparable to Bridgestone's fuel-efficient Ecopia tyres.
  • Improved safety: The elimination of air pressure-related issues enhances overall safety for drivers.
  • Potential space and weight savings: Without the need for a spare tyre, vehicles could have more boot space and potentially improved fuel economy due to reduced weight.

As of 2024, Bridgestone has made significant progress with this technology. The company has been working to overcome challenges such as avoiding debris trapping within the spokes and ensuring even weight distribution. Initially showcased for passenger vehicles, Bridgestone has also explored applications for bicycles.

The air-free tyre is being tested on public roads in Tokyo this year. Bridgestone has been advancing the development of this concept and aims to bring it to commercial use in a wide range of vehicles as soon as possible. These real-world tests are crucial steps in refining the technology and moving closer to widespread adoption.

While the full commercialisation of airless tyres for passenger vehicles may still be some years away, Bridgestone's continued investment in this technology demonstrates their commitment to innovation and sustainability in the tyre industry.

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