Bohnenkamp Achieves 100% Self-Sufficiency in Electricity with Expanded Solar Installation

Bohnenkamp, has reached a significant milestone by becoming entirely self-sufficient in electricity. The announcement comes as part of their ongoing efforts to enhance environmental responsibility and corporate social responsibility.

Last year, Bohnenkamp initiated their journey towards self-sufficiency by installing 400 solar panels on the roof of their Benelux head office. This initial step was a part of a broader plan to eventually power all operations through renewable energy. The vision included provisions for future expansion, ensuring that the infrastructure could support additional solar capacity.

This month, Bohnenkamp successfully completed this expansion by adding another 400 solar panels to their existing solar farm. With a total of 800 panels now in operation, the facility boasts a capacity of 300,000 kWh, sufficient to cover 100% of the company's electricity needs. This accomplishment not only marks a significant achievement in Bohnenkamp's sustainability goals but also positions them as a leader in corporate environmental stewardship.

Located in Soesterberg, the newly expanded solar farm highlights Bohnenkamp's dedication to reducing their carbon footprint and promoting sustainable business practices. The company's commitment to generating their own electricity through solar power reflects a broader strategy to integrate sustainable solutions into their core operations.

Bohnenkamp's dedication to corporate social responsibility extends beyond their energy initiatives. They are actively involved in various projects and practices aimed at creating a better future. By focusing on sustainability, Bohnenkamp sets a benchmark for other companies, demonstrating that it is possible to achieve ambitious environmental goals while maintaining business growth.

For those interested in learning more about Bohnenkamp's sustainability efforts and their journey towards a greener future, the company welcomes inquiries and is eager to share their experiences and insights.

As Bohnenkamp continues to lead by example, their achievement of 100% self-sufficiency in electricity serves as an inspiring reminder of the positive impact that dedicated corporate actions can have on the environment.

Bohnenkamp Achieves 100% Self-Sufficiency in Electricity with Expanded Solar Installation
June 14, 2024
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