Artificial Intelligence Revolutionises Tyre Development at Hankook

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a cornerstone in the transformation of modern business processes, and the automotive industry is no exception. Among the various sectors within this industry, tyre development has seen significant advancements thanks to AI. Premium tyre manufacturer Hankook has been at the forefront of integrating AI into its processes, recognising the potential benefits and investing accordingly. The company has harnessed AI-based tools to enhance the speed, sustainability, and efficiency of its development procedures.

Virtual Simulations: Reducing the Need for Physical Prototypes

The incorporation of AI has allowed Hankook to capitalise on significant synergy effects in tyre development. Traditionally, this process involves the creation and extensive testing of numerous physical prototypes—a method both time-consuming and resource-intensive. Klaus Krause, Vice President and head of Hankook’s Europe Technical Center in Hanover, explains, “Over the next few years, simulation will increasingly replace and supplement real tests, but it won’t eliminate them completely.”

Krause further elaborates that the development process begins not just with tyre technology, but with a holistic view of the vehicle. In the automotive industry, there is immense pressure to minimise the number of prototypes and adopt virtual methods. This drive towards virtualisation is motivated by the need for quicker, more efficient results. Component manufacturers, including tyre producers like Hankook, are increasingly utilising virtual test methods to expedite development and achieve faster outcomes.

Optimising Tyre Mixtures with AI

Hankook is also leveraging AI to enhance the development of new material mixtures. The mixing process involves various raw materials with differing properties and proportions, which need to be meticulously tailored. Achieving the optimal mixture requires precise measurement of factors such as ratio, sequence, temperature, and pressure. AI plays a crucial role in evaluating the physical properties of the final product, offering recommendations for the ideal mixture. This not only improves the quality but also significantly reduces the development time for new mixtures.

The Continued Importance of Expert Knowledge

Despite the innovations brought by AI, expert knowledge remains vital in tyre development. Specialist insight is crucial in evaluating whether the outcomes meet the required standards. “Ultimately, the assessment of whether the outcome is right is always made by the experts,” emphasises Krause.

Today, AI and simulation technologies enable rapid identification of whether a development direction is promising. If not, adjustments can be made promptly, avoiding unnecessary developmental hurdles and delays. The swift progress of AI is expected to unlock further potential in the automotive sector, and by extension, the tyre industry. AI is poised to become an even more indispensable tool in tyre development, driving continued advancements and efficiencies.

As Hankook continues to innovate with AI, the future of tyre development looks promising, combining cutting-edge technology with irreplaceable human expertise to create superior products more efficiently than ever before.

Artificial Intelligence Revolutionises Tyre Development at Hankook
June 12, 2024
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