Arcom Unveils Cutting-Edge Storage and Transport Solutions on Opening Day at Tire Cologne 2024

As Tire Cologne 2024 opens its doors today, Arcom, a European leader in the production of storage and transport systems, is ready to showcase its latest innovations. Attendees are invited to visit stand E50 in hall 8, where Arcom will present the technological advancements that have solidified their industry reputation.

Since its founding in 1996, Arcom has amassed a wealth of experience, revolutionising the approach to storage and transport logistics. Their success is driven by a dedicated and ambitious team of employees, whose expertise is bolstered by modern technology. Arcom's solutions are specifically designed to enhance market competitiveness for their clients.

Arcom offers a comprehensive range of products and services with significant benefits. By optimising storage space and ensuring the safe storage and transport of products, their solutions deliver substantial cost reductions for businesses. This efficiency not only improves operational performance but also provides a strategic edge in a competitive market.

The company's impressive track record is a testament to their capabilities. Over the years, Arcom has equipped more than 1,200 warehouses and delivered its products to over 60 countries worldwide. Annually, they produce an impressive 100,000 shelves and offer a diverse portfolio of over 250 products.

On this opening day of Tire Cologne 2024, visitors will have the opportunity to witness first-hand how Arcom’s innovative storage systems can transform their operations. The event marks a pivotal moment for businesses seeking to enhance their logistics with state-of-the-art solutions.

For industry professionals and businesses, visiting Arcom’s stand at Tire Cologne 2024 is an essential opportunity to explore how advanced storage and transport systems can drive efficiency and cost savings. Make sure to stop by stand E50 in hall 8 to see how Arcom’s cutting-edge solutions can benefit your business.

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