Alliance Tyres: Essential for UK Harvest Season Efficiency

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As the UK harvest season approaches, farmers are gearing up for one of the busiest times of the year. Beginning in late August, peaking in September, and extending into early October, this period sees combine harvesters in action, bringing in crops such as wheat, barley, oilseed rape, potatoes, and sugar beet. During this critical time, farmers also prepare their fields for the next planting season by sowing winter crops like wheat and barley.

Alliance Tyres: Essential for UK Harvest Season Efficiency
Alliance Agriflex 372. Image: Yokohama-ATG (Alliance Tire Group)
July 2, 2024

Alliance Tyres, produced by Yokohama-ATG (Alliance Tire Group), play a pivotal role in supporting UK farmers during the harvest season. Their range of specialised tyres enhances performance, reduces soil compaction, and improves overall efficiency. Here is an overview of key Alliance tyre models and their benefits during the harvest:

Specialised Harvester Tyres

Alliance 349 Yield Master: Designed for harvesters, this tyre features a reinforced bead area and nylon casing, ensuring long life under heavy loads.

Alliance 360 Super Power Drive Radial: Ideal for combine harvesters and heavy machinery, it offers excellent traction and flotation, minimising soil compaction and rutting.

Versatile Tyres for Various Harvest Applications

Alliance 350 Row Crop-Narrow Radial: This high-clearance tyre is perfect for cultivation, harvesting, and spraying jobs, delivering unbeatable performance across various tasks.

Alliance Agristar 375 Steel Belted Radial: With steel belts and stubble-resistant rubber compounds, this tyre withstands aggressive stubble and heavy loads, ensuring longevity during the demanding harvest season.

Advanced Technology for Soil Protection

Alliance Agriflex+ 354 and Agriflex+ 372: These tyres can carry 40% more load at the same inflation pressure or require 40% less inflation pressure for the same load, significantly reducing soil compaction.

Alliance Agriflex+ 377 VF: Designed for spreaders, sprayers, combine harvesters, and grain carts, it carries 40% more load at the same pressure, ideal for handling additional weight with minimal soil compaction.

Improved Traction and Durability

Alliance Multistar 376: Offers great traction and soil protection, equipped with steel belts and a stubble-resistant rubber compound.

Agristar 378 XL: Features a reinforced bead and sidewall, ensuring high load capacity for today's high-powered tractors and forage harvesters.

Innovation in Tread Design

Alliance Agri Star II Radial: This tyre showcases a two-layer lug system, creating a footprint that evolves over the tyre's life. It delivers a 13% larger footprint than typical radials, offering the lowest cost per 32nd of tread in its category.

Proven Performance

Scientific field experiments have validated the effectiveness of Alliance VF tyres. A study by Danish research body SEGES Innovation revealed that Alliance VF tyres reduce track depth by half, decrease wheel slip by 4.4%, and lower soil compaction. Additionally, maize yields in VF tyre plots exceeded those of conventional tyre plots by about 10%, translating to yield increases of 1.5-2.2% per hectare and profit gains of up to nearly 80 EUR per hectare.

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Located in the centre of England, TIA Agri's warehouses in Telford cover 85,000 sq. ft., offering a vast selection of agricultural tyre brands for distribution throughout the UK. With same-day and next-day delivery options, TIA Agri ensures timely service. They handle everything from ordering to import documentation, freight, insurance, and funding options. All tyres purchased from TIA Agri come with extensive Products Liability Insurance.

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