Addressing the environmental impact of Electric Vehicle tyres: Levidian's graphene offers a sustainable solution

Levidian, a leading climate tech firm, has reported promising early-stage results for using high-quality graphene to combat environmental issues from tyre wear in electric vehicles. Utilizing their patented LOOP technology, the company produces graphene which not only inhibits crack propagation and flex fatigue in tyres but also enhances their durability and performance. This breakthrough addresses the accelerated tyre degradation seen in electric vehicles due to their heavier weight and increased torque, which raises environmental concerns due to higher levels of rubber particulates. The widespread use of silica-filled compounds, while improving abrasion properties, exacerbates leaching of harmful additives. Levidian's innovative approach also aims to refine the migration and effects of these additives, enhancing tyre sustainability without sacrificing performance.

As the global electric vehicle market is expected to expand significantly, Levidian is actively seeking partnerships with manufacturers and research institutions to further explore graphene's benefits across various tyre components. The company's collaboration with Avon Protection has already yielded positive results in tyre tread formulations, with further studies planned for other tyre parts.

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