A Triumphant Return: TyreSafe Briefing Highlights Critical Road Safety Initiatives

TyreSafe, the UK’s tyre safety charity, proudly hosted its highly anticipated TyreSafe Briefing last Thursday at the National Motorcycle Museum. This year’s event marked a triumphant return to in-person gatherings and was met with overwhelming enthusiasm from delegates.

The Briefing featured compelling presentations from industry experts, including Dean Hatton from the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC), who shared startling statistics on tyre-related incidents. Nick Reed provided an insightful analysis of the potential advantages and pitfalls of autonomous vehicles, particularly in relation to tyre safety.

A Triumphant Return: TyreSafe Briefing Highlights Critical Road Safety Initiatives
A Triumphant Return: TyreSafe Briefing Highlights Critical Road Safety Initiatives
June 24, 2024

Another highlight of the event was the official launch of Tyre Safety Month’s campaign, ‘Caught in the Act.’ Delegates were introduced to this year’s theme, which aims to raise awareness about the critical importance of tyre maintenance and safety.

Additional topics covered at the briefing included:

Garage Anxiety: Addressing concerns related to garage visits and maintenance.

Pilot Car Wash Scheme: Charity Car Wash Scheme, presented by Cambs FRS, a pilot comprising five FRS from Surrey, Cambridgeshire, Lancashire West Yorkshire and Lanarkshire.

Driving for Work: Ann Marie Penny from Driving for Better Business (DFBB) shed light on the risks associated with driving for work and emphasised the importance of their partnership with TyreSafe.

National Highways: As the headline sponsor, National Highways shared insights on their latest research, initiatives, and strategic direction for enhancing tyre safety.

Tyre Safety and learners: Peter Harevy, MBE, from the Motor Schools Association GB talked about the importance of their partnership with TyreSafe.

In addition, we welcomed members of the Steering Committee, Tony Crook, Jason Simms, Emma Burley, Simon Hiorns, Mike Bourne and Bev Hannah to the stage to share the latest strategic direction, key milestones and provide insight into the charity’s current and future plans.

We would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate our outstanding award winners once again:

Compliance & Enforcement:  Devon & Cornwall Police
Innovation & Technology: Translogik
Manufacturer: Continental
Online & Social Media: Sophie Lyden
Outstanding Achievement: Protyre
Retailer: Halfords
Tyre Safety in the Community: Cambridgeshire FRS

TyreSafe Partner Awards:
Communications:  Co-Pilot
Road Safety Individual: Bev Hannah
Road Safety Organisation: National Highways
Road Safety Partnerships:  Lancashire County Council

Stuart Lovatt, TyreSafe Chair, said, “The return to an in-person TyreSafe Briefing has been nothing short of extraordinary. The level of engagement and enthusiasm from our delegates, sponsors, and exhibitors underscores the critical importance of tyre safety. We are incredibly proud of the achievements within our community and look forward to driving further progress in tyre safety awareness and practices.”

TyreSafe extends heartfelt thanks to all sponsors, exhibitors, and delegates for making this event a memorable milestone in our ongoing journey to improve road safety through tyre awareness, in our mission to reach ‘zero harm’.

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