Yokohama Off-Highway Tires Unveils New Sizes for Alliance 882 and 885 Flotation Tyres

Yokohama Off-Highway Tires (YOHT) continues to revolutionise the agricultural industry with its recent expansion of the Alliance 882 and 885 flotation tyre ranges.

Five new sizes have been introduced to meet the growing demand for high-performance tyres in agri transport.

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Yokohama Off-Highway Tires
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May 18, 2023

With their exceptional load carrying capability, efficient self-cleaning properties, and extended service life, the Alliance 882 and 885 tyres are set to become indispensable companions for a wide range of agricultural vehicles.

Expanding the Alliance 882 and 885 Tyre Ranges:

YOHT has unveiled an exciting addition to the Alliance 882 and 885 flotation tyre ranges. The Alliance 882 range now includes the following new sizes: 710/35R22.5, 600/60R30.5, and 710/50R30.5, bringing the total number of SKUs to 15.

Meanwhile, the Alliance 885 range welcomes two new sizes, 850/50R30.5 and 710/40R22.5, resulting in a comprehensive offering of 17 SKUs.

These expansions cater to the diverse needs of farmers, covering a wide spectrum of agricultural vehicles, including fertiliser and spreader trucks, sprayers, wagons, trailers, and balers.

Meeting Agri Transport Requirements:

With a "D" speed rating of 65 km/h, the Alliance 882 and 885 tyres are engineered specifically for agri transport applications. These tyres provide exceptional performance on the road, making them ideal for long-distance haulage. The Alliance 882 range is designed with a focus on road usage, while the Alliance 885 range prioritizes in-field performance. Both ranges boast remarkable load carrying capabilities, efficient self-cleaning attributes, and an impressive service life. The Alliance tyres offer a complete solution, ensuring optimal performance in various use conditions.

Flotation Tyres: Protecting Soil and Enhancing Efficiency:

The key feature of the Alliance 882 and 885 tyre ranges is their large footprint, which enables excellent flotation characteristics. For the Alliance 882, this ensures stability and high load-carrying capacity during road transports. The Alliance 885, on the other hand, provides superior pressure distribution on the soil surface, minimizing potential damage. These tyres' rounded shoulders further contribute to their soil protection capabilities while minimising crop damage. The Alliance flotation tyres deliver a compelling package by combining soil protection, high load carrying capacity, superior traction, efficient self-cleaning, lower fuel consumption, excellent stability, and long service life.

With the added advantage of a 10-year warranty, these tyres offer outstanding value for money, making them the perfect choice for meeting the challenges of the growing season with reliability and efficiency.

Enhanced Traction and Stability:

The directional tread design of the Alliance 882 and 885 tyres ensures exceptional traction, even on loose ground. This feature enables farmers to maneuver their vehicles with confidence in various terrains. Additionally, the large central lugs improve handling characteristics and minimise rolling resistance on the road. The tyre cap is designed with a high tread pattern percentage and a wide profile width, resulting in a larger soil contact area and enhanced stability. These features collectively contribute to improved efficiency and productivity in agricultural operations.

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