Yokohama Off-Highway Tires Expands Galaxy MFS 101 SDS Solid Forklift Tyre Range

The Galaxy MFS 101 SDS tyre range offers exceptional performance, durability, and comfort for electric, gas, and diesel forklifts. Recognising the diverse requirements of forklift operators, Yokohama Off-Highway Tires (YOHT) has expanded the offering in this range to include an impressive total of 58 Stock Keeping Units (SKUs), catering to a wide range of forklift types and sizes.

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Yokohama Off-Highway Tires
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June 15, 2023

Enhanced Performance for Demanding Operations:

The Galaxy MFS 101 SDS tyre range is specifically engineered to address the demanding needs of indoor and outdoor forklift operations. With a focus on stability, safety, longevity, and rider comfort, these tyres are a reliable choice for businesses operating in various industrial sectors.

The innovative 3-stage construction of the Galaxy MFS 101 SDS ensures smooth and efficient operation even during continuous use. This design minimises vibrations and heat build-up, while they's enhanced cushioning, steering ability, and stability contribute to seamless performance on diverse surfaces, including industrial, paved, and asphalt. Moreover, the Galaxy MFS 101 SDS tyres feature a higher tread depth and increased rubber durability, offering a prolonged service life that is further backed by a 5-year warranty.

The Galaxy MFS 101 SDS solid forklift tyre.

Uncompromising Performance:

The Galaxy MFS 101 SDS solid forklift tyre is a premium product that excels in wear resistance and cut-chip protection. Its 3-stage construction optimises lifespan by incorporating a top layer with exceptional durability. They's soft centre cushion layer minimises vibrations, ensuring operator comfort, while the base compound layer guarantees maximum stability and efficient load transfer to the forklift's rims. Additionally, the anti-slip steel beads eliminate wheel slip, enhancing overall traction.

The tyre's tread design is another testament to its performance excellence. Featuring a continuous centre and optimised lugs at the shoulders, the Galaxy MFS 101 SDS significantly reduces vibrations and provides superior driving comfort for operators during long working hours. The presence of circumferential grooves enhances steering ability, while the longer grooves ensure reliable traction. Combined with uniform internal layers, the wide flat profile of these tyres ensures exceptional load distribution and stability, even during critical lifting and cornering operations.

Expanded Offering for Diverse Requirements:

In its commitment to meet the diverse needs of forklift operators, YOHT has expanded the Galaxy MFS 101 SDS tyre range to an impressive 58 SKUs. These tyres are available in both Quick Heel/Lip type (QH) and Standard Heel type (SH) fitments, along with various rim combinations, providing comprehensive coverage for almost every requirement.

More info on the Galaxy MFS 101 SDS here.

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