Webfleet's Electrifying Data Report: The Fuel and Carbon Emissions Savings of Fleet Electrification

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January 30, 2023

The transition from internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to electric vehicles (EVs) has been a topic of discussion for some time now. With the pressing need for environmentally-friendly solutions and the increasing adoption of EVs, fleet businesses have been at the forefront of this transition. And the good news is, it's paying off. Data from Webfleet, Bridgestone's globally trusted fleet management solution, reveals that European fleets using EVs have cut their carbon emissions by more than 15 tonnes of CO2 per vehicle, per year. This saving equates to a fuel saving of 5,665 litres.

The Benefits of Fleet Electrification

According to recent government figures, in 2020 transport was responsible for producing 24% of the UK's total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, making it the country's largest emitting sector. Furthermore, it was responsible for 33% of nitrogen oxides (NOX) emissions and 14% of particulates (PM2.5).

The decarbonisation of the transport sector is crucial in our efforts to tackle climate change, and fleet businesses have been leading the charge in the transition from ICE vehicles to EVs. This data from Webfleet reinforces the impact that fleet electrification can have in helping to deliver a more sustainable future.

Webfleet's Solution for Fleet Electrification

Webfleet's EV fleet management solution is designed to support businesses at every step of the electrification journey. From planning the switch and deploying EVs to monitoring usage, managing charging, reducing running costs and everything else that is needed to get the full value from going electric, Webfleet has got you covered.

One of the key features of the solution is the Fleet Electrification Report, which shows clearly which of your vehicles could be replaced with an EV. Following the fuel price rises in March of last year, Webfleet saw a 300% increase in usage of this tool, proving that electrification of fleets is top of mind for many businesses.

The Importance of Dedicated Fleet Management Solutions

Although electrification is gathering pace, it remains a significant change management undertaking. Dedicated fleet management solutions such as Webfleet can play an important role in supporting fleets as they target net zero. As Beverley Wise, Webfleet Regional Director for Bridgestone Mobility Solutions, states: "The decarbonisation of the transport sector sits at the very heart of our collective ambitions to tackle climate change."

Taco van der Leij, Vice President of Webfleet Europe, also highlights the significant CO2 savings shown in the Electrifying Data report, emphasizing how electrifying your fleet can have a significant environmental impact. "We want to show all fleets that making the move to electric mobility is a game-changer when it comes to transport decarbonisation," he says.

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