Vredestein Adds Six Additional Sizes to Their Traxion Optimall Range

Apollo Tyres has recently unveiled an exciting development in their premium Vredestein Traxion Optimall VF range.

With the addition of six new sizes, this cutting-edge tyre is now available for tractors with a horsepower of 160 and above, ensuring a broader application and enhanced performance for a wide range of agricultural operations.

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June 22, 2023

Renowned for its exceptional self-cleaning properties, superior grip, unparalleled comfort, and remarkable tyre life, the Traxion Optimall series has become synonymous with excellence in the industry. With the introduction of the VF750/70R44, VF900/50R42, VF650/65R38, VF650/60R38, VF710/55R30, and VF540/65R28 sizes, Vredestein empowers tractor owners and operators to optimize their machinery's potential, regardless of their specific requirements.

The VF 750/70R44 size has been specifically tailored for the premium tractor segment, catering to powerhouses like the Fendt 900, Claas 900, John Deere 7R, and 8R series. Standing at an impressive outer diameter of 2.20 meters, this tyre offers advantages in both traction and footprint length compared to its counterparts, such as the 710/75R42 and 900/60R42, which measure 2.15 meters. By incorporating Vredestein Traxion Optimall VF technologies, this tyre can be safely operated at very low pressures, preserving the soil and providing exceptional traction. Additionally, the combination of

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