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November 29, 2022

Vipal Rubber's newest exclusive tread aimed at the highway segment, the DV-RT5, is a launch that has been long awaited by the transport market. Developed with high technology, the new design features a unique compound, more resistant to cracking and with higher mileage performance proven in tests. Designed with transversal blocks, which provide excellent traction power and favour the distribution of torque, the DV-RT5 also has special ties between the blocks for better balance and stability.

The DV-RT5's design features self-cleaning grooves and a closed central rib, an aspect that offers greater contact area to the road and casing protection. It also has the M+S marking, which guarantees good performance in mud and snow conditions. The design of the new tread was projected with the aim of providing traction in all conditions of use.

A fundamental quality of the DV-RT5 is linked to two aspects: resistance and mileage performance. The state-of-the-art technology applied in the "Design + Compound" combination of the tread provides a product with greater resistance to the occurrence of block chunking. Greatly responsible for this quality is its exclusive compound, which has properties that give it excellent resistance against wearing by abrasion, and bigger ties, which guarantee the integrity of the product under severe conditions of use, including uniform wear until the end of its service life.

According to Gilson Dugno, Vipal's International Sales Manager, the company is confident that this launch will be very well received. “It is a project that was developed with great care from the design, formulation of the compound, architecture of the blocks and other elements from the demands brought by our partners retreaders, who know what the transporter that is on the road needs. That's why the mileage performance and resistance characteristics are so fundamental, which we were able to achieve with this new tread”, highlights Dugno.

The innovation of Vipal's tread portfolio was launched during the 23rd International Road Cargo Transport Show, known as Fenatran, which took place from November 7th to 11th, at the São Paulo Expo, in São Paulo. By the end of the year, the DV-RT5 will be available in 234, 242, 250, 258 and 266mm widths through Vipal Authorised Network's partner retreaders.  


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