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March 29, 2022

The Vredestein Ultrac Vorti+ won first place in a summer tyre group test conducted by AutoBild, one of Germany's leading motoring magazines. Compared to ten other products, the premium Vredestein high-performance tyre came in first place and was dubbed "exemplary" by the independent testing team.

The Ultrac Vorti+ also finished second in Autobild's'mixed tyres' category, which examined tyre performance when two different sizes were used – with a larger tyre for the rear axle, as is common on premium and high-performance vehicles.

The 225/45 R 18 tyres were tested in various conditions, including wet and dry surfaces, as well as a detailed analysis of braking, aquaplaning, and rolling resistance capabilities. In the wet handling elements of the tests, the Ultrac Vorti+ consistently outperformed the competition.

The Vredestein Ultrac Vorti+ has a "sporty summer profile on a balanced, high-performance level..." and "good wet grip," according to AutoBild.

Daniele Lorenzetti, Chief Technology Officer, said, "These latest testing results prove that our growing portfolio of Vredestein tyres continues to outperform other products in the European market. This is the result of investing heavily into R&D to ensure that the products like the Ultrac Vorti+ maintain a performance edge and still excel in safety."

The Ultrac Vorti+ is a 'high-performance' tyre from Vredestein. This tyre, rated (Y) for speeds above 300km/h, is designed for use on premium and high-performance cars and SUVs. The Vorti+ has been developed for both front and rear axle use, as validated by the AutoBild'mixed tyres' test, with a stiffer sidewall (compared to the Ultrac tyre) and specially designed compound and tread pattern.

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