Transaid Secures Funding Extension from FIA Foundation to Drive Helmet Safety Project in Kenya

Transaid, a leading organisation specialising in motorcycle and motorised three-wheeler safety, has announced an extension of its work funded by the global road safety philanthropy, the FIA Foundation. The organisation will lead the second phase of a project aimed at establishing a National Helmet Wearing Coalition in Kenya.

This initiative focuses on enhancing road safety and reducing fatalities by promoting helmet usage among motorcycle users.

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May 25, 2023

During the initial phase, Transaid conducted research, revealing that up to 40 percent of road traffic fatalities in Kenya were linked to motorcycles and motorcycle taxis, while helmet prevalence remained low. Building upon these findings, the new 13-month term will prioritize securing the long-term future of the Coalition, ensuring Kenyan ownership, and strengthening the implementation of the existing Kenyan Helmet Standard through improved enforcement capacity.

Sam Clark, Head of Programmes at Transaid, emphasised the significance of the project, stating, "We will now be focused on building the capacity of relevant authorities to strengthen the implementation of the current Kenyan Helmet Standard, while also equipping motorcycle users with an improved sense of what constitutes a poor quality and a good quality helmet."

The FIA Foundation has expressed its excitement in supporting the second phase of the Kenya Helmet Wearing Coalition with Transaid. Aggie Krasnolucka, Programmes Director of the FIA Foundation, highlighted the importance of this chapter, noting that it will utilise data and relationships to advocate for improved legislation, strengthened enforcement of certified helmets, and greater public awareness regarding motorcycle safety.

Official figures released in 2018 showed there were approximately 1.4 million motorcycles used as taxis – known as ‘boda bodas’ – in urban and rural areas across Kenya. | Image: Transaid

Official figures from 2018 indicate that approximately 1.4 million motorcycles, known as "boda bodas," are used as taxis in both urban and rural areas across Kenya. Despite the country's existing compulsory motorcycle helmet use law, enforcement has been inconsistent, leading to low helmet usage rates. Research has demonstrated that wearing a motorcycle helmet can reduce the risk of death by 42 percent and the risk of head injury by 69 percent in the event of a crash.

Clark adds: “Road traffic crashes continue to constitute a global health crisis, and the consequences are disproportionately felt in low and middle-income countries. This initiative aims to directly reduce injury and death on Kenya’s roads, benefitting a broad audience, including riders and their fare-paying passengers.”

While Kenya serves as the pilot country for the FIA Foundation's Helmet Wearing Coalition, Transaid plans to share the knowledge gained from this project with organisations and clubs worldwide working towards the same goal of improving motorcycle and three-wheeler safety.

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