Toyo's Proxes Sport 2 Ultra High Performance Tyre Earns Coveted Red Dot Design Award

The coveted Red Dot Design Award is regarded as a symbol of high quality and creativity. Toyo Tyres proudly revealed this year that its Proxes Sport 2 Ultra High Performance tyre has won this prized award in the 2023 Red Dot design competition.

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Toyo Tyres
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June 19, 2023

The remarkable features of the Proxes Sport 2 captured the Red Dot judges, particularly its asymmetric tread design with diagonal lateral cross grooves. These innovative design features ensure equal contact force distribution, resulting in exceptional braking performance on wet and dry surfaces. Toyo's painstaking engineering emerges through the tyre's dual rubber compound composition, which uses a flexible polymer matrix on the inside to optimise road adherence and a unique elastic rubber on the outside to maximise grip.

Sidewall profile of the Proxes Sport 2.

The optimised sidewall profile of the Proxes Sport 2 was one of the primary features that drew the jury's attention. This clever design innovation perfectly controls the enormous forces created during cornering, improving overall stability and control. Toyo's commitment to making tyres that exceed expectations in both form and function is exemplified by such attention to detail.

The Red Dot Design Award, founded in 1955, has evolved into one of the most revered design competitions worldwide. Each year, exceptional products are celebrated in the Red Dot Award: Product Design category, acknowledging their aesthetic appeal, functional prowess, and innovative design concepts.

The Proxes Sport 2 was released by Toyo Tyres in 2022, and it was equipped with cutting-edge nanotechnology to maximise performance for high torque powertrains. With this revolutionary advancement, the Proxes Sport 2 ensures accurate handling and great wet grip, providing an exciting and sustainable driving experience. The tire's outstanding performance has already been acknowledged; earlier this year, Auto Bild Sportscars gave it a "Good" rating.

The recent acquisition of the Red Dot design award serves as further testament to the Proxes Sport 2's outstanding design quality and unparalleled performance. Toyo Tires continues to push boundaries and set new benchmarks in the industry, solidifying their position as leaders in tyre innovation.

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