Toyo Tyre Begins Construction of the Biggest Solar Power Plant in Serbia

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July 13, 2022

The first bifacial solar power plant in Serbia, is being built by MT-Komex.

The construction contract was signed by Milos Kostic, director of the MT-Komex company, and Kenichiro Takasago, deputy general manager of Toyo Tires. The power plant will be situated on the company's property.

Toyo Tires' global objective is to achieve carbon neutrality, and the best course of action is to invest in renewable energy sources. The laws governing renewable energy have changed, enabling us to become prosumers, and we also have a sizable plot of land available, so now is the ideal time for us to build a solar power plant in Serbia, according to Takasago for Energy Portal.

Takasago went on to say that the solar power plant will cover 10 to 15% of Toyo Tires' annual electricity needs, demonstrating that the tyre industry consumes a lot of electricity and is therefore under a lot of pressure to decarbonize as soon as possible. Tire production will begin at the end of July, with the entire production equipment and solar power plant operational by the end of the year.

Toyo Tires' solar power plant will be built on land measuring 8.2 hectares. The annual electricity production will be 10,148,927 kWh, which will contribute to an annual carbon dioxide savings of 8,119,141 kg.
The plan is for this power plant to become a buyer-producer, meaning that it will use green electricity for its own needs while handing over any surplus to the electricity distribution network.

The works are expected to be completed and commissioned by the end of this year.

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