Toyo Tires Serbia Factory Begins Tyre Production for Europe

Toyo has recently commenced production for the European market at its state-of-the-art Serbian factory.

This marks a crucial milestone in the company's expansion strategy, as tyres manufactured in Serbia have started their journey to meet the growing demands of European professionals and end users.

With a focus on quality, innovation, and a diverse product range, Toyo Tires aims to establish its Serbian facility as the primary supply point for Europe, providing exceptional performance and safety on European roads.

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Toyo Tires
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June 20, 2023

Plant Inauguration and Market Penetration:

Following its grand opening last year, the Toyo Tires Serbian factory has primarily catered to the United States market while acquiring the necessary certifications to penetrate the European market. After successful completion of this process, the factory has commenced the delivery of tyres to Europe since last month. This promising development not only signifies the plant's readiness to cater to the European market but also reinforces Toyo Tires' commitment to meeting the evolving needs of tyre professionals and end users.

Initial Product Offerings for Europe:

To ensure a strong start in the European market, the Serbian factory has initially introduced two popular tyre patterns, namely the Proxes Comfort and the Celsius AS2. These two products alone command an impressive 30% share of the total tyre sales in Europe.

By offering these highly sought-after patterns, Toyo Tires demonstrates its understanding of the European market's preferences and aims to deliver exceptional comfort, performance, and all-season capabilities to European drivers.

Expanding the Product Assortment:

Toyo Tires remains dedicated to broadening its product range and accommodating the unique requirements of European customers. In line with this commitment, the Serbian factory has plans to introduce a new winter tyre next year, enhancing its offerings for handling challenging winter driving conditions. Additionally, customers can anticipate the launch of the long-awaited Open Country ATIII, featuring the three peaks mountain symbol (TPMS). This all-purpose tyre is specifically designed to provide superior performance and safety throughout the year.

As the Serbian factory continues to grow and evolve, more innovative tyre patterns will be introduced to cater to the diverse demands of European markets.

Implications for the Tyre Industry:

The establishment of Toyo Tires' Serbian factory as a prominent supply point for Europe is poised to have significant implications for the tyre industry. With an expanded manufacturing capacity and a focus on delivering top-quality products, Toyo Tires aims to meet the increasing demands of professionals and end users across the continent.

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