Toyo Tire Officially Opens Smart Factory in Serbia

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Toyo Tire
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December 19, 2022

Toyo Tire is excited to announce the official opening of its brand new passenger vehicle tyre factory in Indjija, Serbia! The state-of-the-art facility, which has been partially operational since July, is equipped with advanced technologies like ERP and MES to optimise production management.

This "smart factory" will be responsible for producing high-performance, competitive tyres that meet market needs, including the growing demand for electric vehicles.

In addition to its impressive production capabilities, the factory also boasts a large solar power system with an electric generating capacity of 8.4 MW. Not only does this system provide 10.15 GWh of electricity output, it also helps to reduce CO2 emissions by 7,100 tons per year.

To ensure the quality and compliance of its products, the factory features a proving ground with a 720 metre straight track and a total length of 1,690 metres. Data gathered from test runs will be used to promptly verify compliance with laws and regulations in Europe, allowing Toyo Tire to bring its attractive tyres to market in a timely manner.

The new factory is expected to reach its full capacity of approximately five million tyres per year during the second half of 2023. While meeting local demand in Europe, it will also serve as a strategic supplier to Toyo Tire's main market in North America. With the prospect of bringing new business value to both regions, Toyo Tire is committed to providing the market with competitive products and bringing joy to even more customers with its manufacturing expertise.

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