Toyo Proposes More Durable Airless Tyres

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May 16, 2022

Toyo make advances in development as a new airless tyre as durable as its conventional counterparts is one step closer to hitting the road.

Airless tyres do not go flat and do not require regular pressure checks to prevent blowouts. Toyo Tire, based just outside of Osaka, predicts that more people will go airless as more people switch to electric cars that can be charged at home.

“We’ve made revolutionary advancements in our technology,” said Tamotsu Mizutani, head of research and development.

The company's main concern since developing the "noair" tyre in 2006 has been durability. Its one-of-a-kind design uses crisscrossing spokes inspired by folding chairs to absorb road shock in the same way air does in a traditional tyre. The spokes are now ten times more durable than when they were first created. The tyres' breaking strength has increased by approximately 40%. Their performance is now on par with that of conventional tyres.

Toyo Tire began a trial production run in 2021 in preparation for eventual mass production.

Toyo intends to first sell the tyres for carts used on private property, such as golf courses and theme parks as current Japanese safety standards are based on conventional tyres, and airless tyres are not permitted on public roads.

Toyo has not stated when the new tyres will be available for purchase. High production costs continue to be an issue that is being addressed through productivity-enhancing measures such as automation.

As the transportation sector transforms through such developments as broader adoption of electric vehicles and self-driving technology, “demand for tyres will change as well,” a company representative said. “We’ll seek more applications for airless tyres while moving quickly toward commercialisation,”.

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