Teck Seng Chew Takes Charge of Port Operation Business Development at Continental Specialty Tires

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Continental Specialty Tires
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April 6, 2023

Continental Specialty Tires has announced the appointment of Teck Seng Chew as the new product manager for the port operation business. In this role, Chew will drive the strategic development of the business and act as an interface to various departments, including research and development, sales, quality management, and customer service.

Chew joined Continental in 2017 and has performed different roles within the company. He has worked as a key account manager for port operations and technical customer service manager for the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. With his diverse background and experience, he is poised to take on his new role with vigor and enthusiasm.

Chew's main responsibility will be to promote Continental as a vital solution partner for customers in this dynamic industry. He succeeds Julian Alexander, who has taken over the responsibility for key account management in Specialty Tires.

Federico Jimenez, head of business field tires for port operation, and Martijn Oosterbaan, head of product management, will be Chew's direct superiors. Chew will report to them and collaborate closely with various departments to ensure the continued success of the port operation business.

In a statement, Chew expressed his excitement about his new role and the opportunities it presents. "I am looking forward to promoting Continental as a vital solution partner for our customers in this dynamic industry," he said.

With Chew's appointment, Continental Specialty Tires is well-positioned to continue its growth in the port operation business. Chew's expertise and experience make him an ideal candidate for the role, and his passion for the industry will undoubtedly drive the business forward.

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