Falken Tyre Europe GmbH, has taken a proactive approach to support its valued customers with the release of their comprehensive "Technical Support Guide for TBR and Bus Tyres."

This invaluable resource serves as a beacon of knowledge, empowering both tyre professionals and end-users to make informed decisions, optimise performance, and achieve cost savings in tyre management. With the recent expansion of language options and additional customer-focused initiatives, Falken continues to demonstrate its commitment to excellence in customer service.

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June 7, 2023

A Multilingual Guide for Cost Savings and Optimal Performance:

Recognising the pressing cost pressures affecting the transport industry, Falken Tyre Europe GmbH responded to the needs of its customers by creating a technical support guide available in multiple languages. Originally published in English, the guide is now accessible in German, Spanish, Polish, Italian, and Greek, with preparations underway for additional language versions. By providing this wealth of information to registered customers through the B2B web shop and media centre, Falken empowers tyre professionals and end-users across Europe to unlock cost-saving opportunities and enhance the performance of their commercial vehicle tyres.

Unveiling the Tyre's Inner Workings:

The "Technical Support Guide for TBR and Bus Tyres" delves into crucial aspects of tyre management. It sheds light on various parameters that influence the ultimate performance of commercial vehicle tyres, such as appropriate tyre pressure, use-related recommendations, and the basics of tyre maintenance. Falken's comprehensive guide aims to demystify common queries raised by their customers. Tyre professionals and end-users alike will find valuable insights on topics such as irregular wear patterns, steps to mitigate damage, and maximising tyre utilisation despite challenges. By equipping readers with this knowledge, Falken enables them to make educated decisions and extract the most value from their tyres.

Falken's Commitment to Service and Support:

Falken Tyre Europe GmbH's dedication to providing exemplary customer service is evident in their latest initiatives. In addition to the technical support guide, Falken has introduced two new air pressure tables for HGV and commercial vehicle tyres. These tables, available as A2-format posters, emphasise the critical role of appropriate air pressure in ensuring tyre safety, efficiency, and durability. Customers can easily access digital versions in English and German through the web shop, while hard-copy posters can be requested from Falken's customer advisers. By offering practical resources, Falken strengthens its commitment to empowering customers and promoting safe and efficient tyre management.

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