Stress Identified as the Biggest Challenge for Automotive Industry Workers According to

Stress has emerged as the most significant challenge facing workers in the automotive industry, according to the latest survey by Ben, the automotive industry charity. The survey, conducted during Stress Awareness Month, saw over 1,000 automotive employees from all UK regions, ages, gender, and tyre industry working environments participate.

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April 17, 2023

The survey also showed that the proportion of people suffering from stress in the workplace has increased by 8% year on year, with high workloads, pressure to meet targets, and not enough staff identified as the main drivers. Furthermore, the survey highlighted an increase in people affected by poor work-life balance and not taking enough time to rest and relax.

Poor sleep has also increased from 49% to 62%, which is not surprising given the rise in stress levels. Around 92% of people reported that their cost-of-living had increased compared to a year ago, and those struggling to make ends meet have increased by 10%. Worryingly, 1 in 10 people said they had skipped meals in response to rising bills.

The survey revealed that the cost-of-living crisis, supply chain shortages, and staff shortages were the top three issues likely to impact workers in the industry over the next 12 months. These issues are also likely to contribute to the high levels of stress in the industry.

Rachel Clift, Health & Wellbeing Director at Ben, said that stress is presenting a real area of concern for the automotive workforce. She added that the annual survey helps Ben understand the health & wellbeing issues faced by the automotive industry workforce, enabling them to provide the support they need.

Clift also highlighted that automotive workers are under more pressure and are not taking enough time to rest and relax outside of work. In light of the survey results, she encouraged workers to seek help and support from Ben, while employers could also reach out to discuss how the organisation could support their employees' health and wellbeing.

Ben is committed to supporting the automotive industry's workforce and provides tips and advice for those feeling stressed on its website. The charity urges workers in the industry to reach out if they are struggling and reminds them that they are not alone.

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