Safran and Michelin Collaborate to Revolutionise Airline Maintenance with PresSense

Safran Landing Systems, the leading provider of landing systems, and Michelin, the global leader in the mobility sector, have joined forces to create PresSense, an advanced technology aimed at streamlining airline maintenance procedures.

PresSense revolutionises the process of measuring aircraft tire pressures shortly after landing, reducing the wait time to just 45 minutes. Traditionally, airlines have relied on manual checks using pressure gauges attached to the valves, which necessitated a minimum cooling period of 3 hours for safety reasons.

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June 23, 2023

PresSense incorporates an innovative electronic pressure measurement sensor, developed by Safran, seamlessly integrated into a specially designed tire by Michelin. Maintenance personnel can effortlessly assess tire pressures by placing an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) reader in proximity to the tire. The information is instantaneously transmitted to a smartphone app and securely stored in a database, enabling airlines to conduct subsequent analyses for predictive maintenance purposes, unlike the conventional manual pressure measurements that are not retained.

By significantly reducing the downtime of aircraft on the ground by more than 2 hours per day, PresSense empowers airlines to optimize fleet availability, gaining a competitive edge. Moreover, at the fleet level, it presents an opportunity to lower operating costs since the maintenance procedures can now be completed within a matter of seconds.

PresSense has undergone successful operational trials with multiple airlines, culminating in a fully developed solution now offered by Safran and Michelin. Michelin has been entrusted with the marketing and promotion of this groundbreaking digital innovation.

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