Ronal Group returns to Essen Motor Show

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Ronal Group
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December 13, 2022

This year, the RONAL GROUP returned to the Essen Motor Show to exhibit its newest offerings under the RONAL and SPEEDLINE CORSE brands.

The RONAL GROUP ENERGY WHEEL (Image Source: Ronal Group)

The Energy Wheel, which generates energy while moving and stores it in a battery, was the booth's main attraction. This energy is delivered to an LED lighting system positioned in the gaps between the wheel spokes, which can then light up in different colours, acting as a warning system.

From the RONAL product range, the company also exhibited...  

The recently launched RONAL R71 the multi-spoke design with high load-bearing capacity is particularly suitable for hybrid and electric vehicles.

Tthe new RONAL R72, a 5-spoke design with an aesthetic aero ring and an innovative honeycomb structure was also launched.

Both wheels are produced sustainably: In each case the aluminum alloy used contains around 60% recycled aluminum and around 40% low-carbon primary aluminum.

The RONAL GROUP also exhibited some wheels from its Classic Range. This included...

The well-known cult design RONAL R9 in Penta style, now available with contrasting Racing gold diamond cut finish to the wheel lip.

The SPEEDLINE CORSE portfolio was also featured:

The SC1 Motorismo with racing character for sporty vehicles is now available as an 18-inch wheel in Racing black-matt front diamond cut.

This new variant of the SC1 is particularly sustainable, as more than two-thirds of the primary aluminum used in its production has been replaced with recycled material.

"We were very pleased to be back at the Essen Motor Show this year after a two-year break due to the pandemic and to be able to present our new wheels to interested car fans. The atmosphere was great and it's important for us to keep our finger on the pulse by direct contact with our end consumers. The Essen Motor Show is the ideal meeting place for this."
Philip Müller, Head of Group Aftermarket at Ronsal Group.

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