Prometeon Tyre Group Expand PIRELLI Branded Serie 02 Tyre Range

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Prometeon Tyre Group
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February 21, 2023

Prometeon Tyre Group, has expanded its PIRELLI-branded Serie 02 tyre range with the launch of the H02 Pro Trailer. The new tyre series is specifically designed for articulated trailers, single- or multi-axle, used for long-haul operations and is currently available in Europe and Turkey in two sizes - 435/50R19.5 and 445/45R19.5.

According to Alexandre Bregantim, Chief Technical Officer of Prometeon Tyre Group, the company has invested heavily in R&D over the last two years to accelerate the overhaul of the range and introduce the new Serie 02 lines in 2023. The company's goal is to provide customers with products that offer cutting-edge performance.

The H02 Pro Trailer range is equipped with Serie 02 Prometeon Engineered technological innovations, providing the highest levels of efficiency and optimized operating costs. It offers new standards of safety and load capacity, and the fuel consumption category has been improved to Class A for the 435/50 and Class B for the 445/45.

Compared to the previous range, the H02 Pro Trailer range has a 20% improvement in safety due to greater wet grip performance, 3PMSF approval, and a new tread design. It also has a 10% increase in load capacity, up to 10 tonnes per axle, and a 20% reduction in rolling resistance for lower fuel consumption. Additionally, installation operations are streamlined by 20%.

The H02 Pro Trailer is best-in-class in the 435/50 R 19.5 size for fuel consumption, wet grip performance, and external rolling noise. In the 445/45 R 19.5 size, it is best-in-class for load index, which has been increased from 160 to 164. It is also the only model among its premium competitors with 3PMSF marking and an RFID sensor.

The H02 Pro Trailer range is fitted with an RFID sensor and has 3PMSF winter marking, which is only applied to tyres that pass a specific test defined in UN Regulation No. 117. The range also benefits from approval from the major European vehicle manufacturers.

The H02 Pro Trailer has several innovative features, including SWITe (Spiral Wire Technology), HR4B (High Resistance 4 Belts), SHTB (Super High Tensile Belt), COBe (Cross Over Bead), and DLTC (Dual Layer Tread Compound). These features promote durability, resistance, flexibility, handling, and retreadability, as well as lower rolling resistance, greater tread integrity, and high load capacity.

The H02 Pro Trailer features six longitudinal grooves that promote even wear, with the two outer ones larger to ensure efficient drainage of water and better driveability. The four central grooves are narrower to increase tread rigidity and guarantee maximum mileage and lowest fuel consumption without performance compromises in the wet. The ribs feature special cylindrical ducts that promote stability and braking in the wet, while the central grooves feature variable geometry to offer excellent wet handling throughout the tyre's lifespan, with reduced noise for improved acoustic comfort outside the vehicle.

The launch of the H02 Pro Trailer marks a significant step in Prometeon Tyre Group's commitment to providing high-quality products that offer cutting-edge performance and meet the needs of its customers.


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