Prometeon showcases fleet solutions and SuperTruck network at Transport Logistic

Prometeon are to debut at Transport Logistic trade fair, in Munich, from 9th to 12th May 2023.

For the first time, the Group will feature with a stand in which the extensive range of products and services will be on display. The Group will engage customers directly on the extension of the Serie 02 range, Prometeon solutions designed for managing fleets and SuperTruck, the dealer network that is currently expanding in Europe.

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May 4, 2023
“Our growth strategy is based on three main pillars: a product capable of satisfying customer needs, of which Serie 02 is the most sustainable and innovative example; sales- and usage-related services that support the fleet in managing tyres; lastly, an extensive and reliable network that supports and assists fleets across all markets. This will allow Prometeon to stand by its customers and become their business partner”.
Sabina Oriani, Chief Marketing Officer of Prometeon Tyre Group.
"This year we decided to attend Transport Logistic because we believe it is important to have a direct communication channel also with fleets, by presenting our offer of products and services and the SuperTruck network. The market increasingly demands comprehensive solutions that can make life easier for end users: we at Prometeon intend to propose increasingly competitive and effective offers to dealers and fleets”.
Francesco Antonacci, CEO Europe Region.


At Transport Logistic the spotlight will be on Serie 02, the first “Prometeon engineered” PIRELLI-branded range. Launched in Spring 2022 and immediately available throughout Europe, the range improves on the previous one under all performance-related aspects: mileage, sturdiness and load capacity; it also considerably lowers rolling resistance and consumption, thanks to innovative and sustainable technologies entirely devised by the Prometeon Research and Development centres. Following the arrival on the market of the first size of the H02 Pro Trailer in February, the range continues to expand and three new products will be presented at Transport Logistic.  

355/50R22.5 R02 PROFUEL Steer

Tyres intended for steering axles of vehicles used for regional transport, designed to provide maximum versatility, durability and high mileage on all roads and in all seasons, as certified by the three-peak mountain snowflake pictogram (3PMSF). Characterised by a class B fuel consumption, the new product favours efficiency and optimises the fleet’s operating costs. The innovative tread design, the new formulation of compounds and the technological package are designed to provide high mileage and a longer life, thanks to a high wear uniformity, carcass resistance and reconstructability.

445/45R19.5 H02 PRO

TrailerA tyre for equipping semi-trailers carrying large volumes and loads that travel over long distances. Designed to offer maximum efficiency and optimised operating costs. It offers new levels of safety in all weather conditions (3PMSF marking) and a class B fuel consumption. The 164 load index (the market’s current “best in class”) allows for having an incremental load capacity of up to 10 tonnes per axle.

385/65R22.5 H02 PROFUEL Steer

The H02 Profuel Steer range is designed for equipping steering axles of vehicles that haul over long distances, with a focus on the optimisation of operating costs and the reduction of CO2 emissions, as revealed by the class A fuel consumption. The innovative tread design, the formulation of compounds and the technological package of the Serie 02 range favour regular wear and high mileage, while the resistant structure guarantees a second life for the tyre thanks to a “reconstruction” process. The 3PMSF marking and class B wet grip certify the tyre’s exceptional grip and braking performance on all road surfaces also in critical weather conditions.  


The range of Prometeon services is aimed at satisfying all the fleet’s needs and improving its operating efficiency. It has now become an integral part of the tyre’s sales process and allows dealers and transport professionals to focus on their business without having to worry about tyre management. PRO CheckTyre management has never been easier. PRO Check is a digital inspection and monitoring system for tyres, designed to satisfy the needs of fleets. Using the most advanced tools on the market, PRO Check assists fleet managers and dealers by providing reliable and tailored support for improving efficiency, optimising maintenance interventions and profitability, as well as boosting tyre performance.

PRO Management

The new centralised invoicing system that allows fleets to have Prometeon as their only invoicing source. The system includes an entirely new software programme, developed by Prometeon, with improved and innovative functions. Fully integrated with PRO Check, it is user-friendly and reduces the work time required from the fleet or dealer, guaranteeing a more straightforward and quicker warehouse management process. A new solution dedicated to fleetsA new commercial offer with a high standard of service, tailored to the actual needs of each individual fleet. Fixed monthly costs, a pre-defined number of tyres and operations on an annual basis, platform-based management and control of operations, for an all-round service that reduces costs and, above all, tyre management problems for your fleet.


SuperTruck is a network of independent dealers that is highly specialised in the Truck & Bus sector. Its distinguishing traits include expertise, experience and the passion which the network puts at the service of its customers. SuperTruck offers dealers a broad range of services and cutting-edge products, also thanks to the partnership with Prometeon Tyre Group. Being a partner of SuperTruck allows the Group to offer innovation, ideas and solutions for increasingly establishing itself as a professional reference for fleets, in addition to its own complete portfolio, which includes the new Serie 02 range and all the services dedicated to fleets: PRO Check, PRO Management, PRO Time (24/7 road assistance with a high-quality service) and PRO Campus (a training programme for the network that focuses on tyre technology, maintenance, inspection, monitoring and performance analysis).SuperTruck is already present in Italy, Poland, Greece and Cyprus. The expansion plan at a European level will involve the launch on the German, Swiss, Spanish and UK markets.

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