Nordexx Sets Its Sights on Latin America at Panama Tire Expo

Established in 2008, Nordexx has steadily gained recognition for its commitment to quality solutions and close collaboration with local business partners.

As the Panama Tire Expo launches today, the Danish-owned tyre brand Nordexx is gearing up to make a lasting impression in the Latin American markets.

This year's Expo presents a valuable opportunity for Nordexx to reaffirm its presence in the region and forge new alliances.

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Nordexx Tires
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June 14, 2023

Gregers Lindvig, the export manager at the NDI Group, one of the foremost tyre and rim distributors in Northern Europe, eagerly anticipates attending the Panama Tire Expo in June. Having last participated in the event five years ago, Lindvig expresses enthusiasm for reconnecting with local business partners and engaging in what he considers one of the industry's most significant exhibition events. The pandemic-induced limitations on attending tyre exhibitions make this return to Panama even more momentous for Lindvig and the Nordexx team.

Nordexx's global reach is on an upward trajectory, thanks to its private label brand. Over the years, Nordexx has expanded both its product range and its market presence, currently selling tyres in over 60 countries, including various Latin American nations. One product taking center stage at the Tire Expo is the Nordexx Prime, a range of truck tyres introduced in 2016. Manufactured at a state-of-the-art facility, Nordexx Prime tyres boast quality compounds and offer a versatile range of patterns tailored to meet the specific transportation needs of customers worldwide.

The forthcoming Expo holds the promise of customised solutions and fruitful collaborations. Lindvig will be sharing the exhibition booth with local customers, facilitating valuable connections between regional businesspeople and the Danish export manager. By understanding the unique requirements of each market, Nordexx aims to deliver tailored solutions that cater to the diverse needs of its customers. The Latin American markets offer immense potential for growth, and Nordexx looks forward to gaining a deeper understanding of local dynamics, fostering new relationships, and fortifying existing ones.

Latin America already plays a significant role in Nordexx's operations, with a wide customer base spanning from the North to the South, including the Caribbean countries. Attending the Panama Tire Expo further solidifies Nordexx's commitment to the region, affirming its dedication to providing reliable and innovative tyre solutions.

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