NEXEN TIRE Unveils Eco-Friendly Tyre Composed of 52% Sustainable Materials

NEXEN Tyre has announced the unveiling of a sustainable-material demonstration tyre composed of 52% sustainable materials, which is an example of the company's extensive activities in pursuit of sustainability. This tyre is the result of the company's experts using current and emerging technologies to engineer sustainable tyres for vehicles.

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The tyre is built with over 52% sustainable materials, including 44% renewable materials like natural rubber, bio-based synthetic rubber, and silica derived from rice husk waste residue. Additionally, the demonstration tyre is made up of 8% recycled materials using polyester cord formed from recycled plastic PET bottles and bead wire derived from scrap iron using an electric arc furnace.

The demonstration tyre's unveiling is the latest development in NEXEN Tyre's commitment to pursuing sustainability in the tyre industry. The company has set a goal to expand the use of sustainable raw materials in its tyre production process.

"This research demonstrates our commitment to becoming one of the most forward-thinking tyre companies in terms of ESG," stated a representative at NEXEN Tyre. "We looked into new technologies and identified opportunities for the future. As a result, our team's dedication demonstrated our ability to produce a tyre with 52% sustainable raw materials. NEXEN Tyre's innovation in building a better future continues."

NEXEN Tyre's sustainable-material demonstration tyre is a step forward in promoting sustainable practices in the tyre industry. The company's commitment to using renewable and recycled materials is a significant contribution to the reduction of carbon emissions and waste in the industry.

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