Nexen Tire Roadian ATX All-Terrain Tyre

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Nexen Tire
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June 14, 2022

Nexen Tire has announced the global release of the Roadian ATX, which the company defines as "the next generation of Nexen's all-terrain tyre range."

Dealers will have access to 63 different SKUs ranging from 15 to 22-inch rims. According to the brand, Nexen's new all-terrain tyre features the latest material developments intended exclusively for wet or dry traction. The Roadian ATX features a unique tread design that is specifically engineered to improve traction throughout wear. The new tyre achieves this, according to the firm, using sidewall lugs and deep grooves for greater handling and calmness on and off-road. The Roadian ATX exceeds Nexen's prior all-terrain tyre options in four areas, according to the company: durability, wet traction, snow traction, and mileage. The Roadian ATX has a strengthened three-ply sidewall structure on most LT sizes.

According to Nexen, engineers decided to incorporate a dual-sidewall design during the development process. With this feature, customers can select between two sidewall designs.

Roadian ATX All-Terrain Specifications include:

  • Reinforced three-ply construction on most popular sizes
  • Top tier tread warranty
  • Emerging 3D sipes increases tread-to-road contact for improved traction in snow, mud and wet conditions
  • 3PMSF-certified – Severe-winter certification to withstand heavy snow, ice and tough terrain
  • Available in 63 sizes
  • Sizes range from 15- to 22-in.
  • Speed rating S, T & H available

The Roadian ATX all-terrain tyres come standard with Nexen Tire's Total Coverage Warranty. Later this year, additional sizes will be available.

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