NEXEN TIRE Pushes the Boundaries with New BTR, Mearth, and Nocturne Concept Tyres

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January 17, 2023

NEXEN TIRE, a leading global tyre manufacturer, has unveiled three new concept tyres developed through an industry-academic collaboration with the Design Council Busan (DCB) and nine product design students from Korea Design Membership Plus (KDM+).

The new tyres, named BTR, Mearth, and Nocturne, represent the company's commitment to discovering and developing innovative ideas through domestic and international industry-academic collaborations.

The BTR, or Born to Race, is a racing tyre with a spherical internal structure that can adjust the camber angle according to the driving course while maintaining a stable ground area with individual tread patterns. "The BTR tyre is designed for the most demanding driving conditions," said a spokesperson for NEXEN TIRE. "It is truly a game-changer for the racing industry."

The Mearth (Mars+Earth) tyre is a future transform tyre designed for use on Mars that provides a mode to improve driving ability by expanding the tread area through special materials, as well as a mode to clear barren land on Mars through protruding sidewall structures. "The Mearth tyre is a revolutionary concept that will change the way we think about tyres," said a spokesperson for NEXEN TIRE.

Finally, the airless tyre Nocturne employs active noise cancelling technology, which not only effectively mitigates tyre noise during high-speed driving, but it can also operate when stopped, such as car camping and camping, to enjoy the best low noise environment around the vehicle. "The Nocturne tyre is a game-changer for the camping industry," said a spokesperson for NEXEN TIRE.

NEXEN TIRE looks to continue discovering creative ideas through various industry-academic joint research projects, and to lead the future mobility industry trend with a distinct concept. The company also won the main award at the 2022 IDEA Design Awards last year for concept tyres developed in collaboration with Korea Design Promotion Agency (KDM+) product design students.

"We are proud to unveil these new concept tyres and look forward to continuing to push the boundaries of what is possible in the tyre industry," said a spokesperson for NEXEN TIRE.

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