New Snap-on Diagnostic Software Upgrade Now Available

Snap-on® has made an exciting announcement in Europe, becoming the first company to gain approval from Nissan for direct access to their vehicle gateway module using Snap-on scan tools.

This achievement adds to Snap-on's existing capabilities, which already include access to 2018 and newer FIAT Chrysler Automobiles (FCA). The details about this breakthrough can be found in the latest release of their diagnostic software.

With the rise of potential cyber threats and unauthorised access to vehicle networks, automobile manufacturers are actively seeking solutions to safeguard their vehicles. Nissan, for instance, has introduced a secure gateway module in some of their 2019 and newer vehicle models.

For these vehicles, specific diagnostic functions can only be accessed through registration and authentication using an approved device, applicable to all aftermarket scan tools.

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Published on
June 23, 2023

To address this challenge, Snap-on has introduced the Snap-on Security Link™, offering a consistent solution for owners of Snap-on diagnostic platforms to access secured vehicle systems via their diagnostic tool gateway modules. Working closely with Nissan, Snap-on has developed a solution that utilizes Nissan's AUTOAUTH system, which manages user registration and tool authorization for aftermarket scan tools. This means that current Snap-on diagnostic platforms with Wi-Fi capabilities can securely perform gateway functions. To comply with secure gateway standards, all devices and users need to be registered through AUTOAUTH, both for Nissan vehicles and for direct access to FCA vehicles (Fiat, Chrysler, and Alfa). Snap-on Security Link simplifies this new registration process, allowing users to navigate it seamlessly.

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