Michelin's Multi-Life Policy and EV Tyres Help Arriva North West Run More Efficiently

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April 12, 2023

Arriva North West, a bus operator in North West England and North Wales, has returned to Michelin for its tyre contract, signing a new five-year deal with the Michelin Services & Solutions division. Arriva North West praised the Michelin team for the smooth transition to the tyre manufacturer’s multi-life policy, which regrooves and retreads the tyres for reuse.

The agreement will see Michelin supply and fit predominantly MICHELIN X InCity EV Z tyres – its first range designed specifically for electric vehicles – to its 880-strong fleet. Another section of the fleet on 19.5” wheels are to be fitted with MICHELIN X Multi Z2 tyres, which offer robustness and damage resistance in an urban environment. With Arriva UK Bus’ six other regional operators already on Michelin contracts, the deal ensures that all the company’s 4,000-plus vehicles are now running on Michelin tyres.

Arriva North West says that the certainty of supply, together with Michelin’s high-quality product and in-house expertise, were behind its decision to switch back to the tyre manufacturer. According to Ian Jones, Head Of Procurement at Arriva UK Bus, Michelin has managed the transition from their previous supplier very smoothly and delivered on its promises. Michelin has also provided new tyre fitting equipment at 15 depots across the North West and North Wales, as well as new tyre inflation cages, which have enhanced health and safety.

With the low rolling resistance of the Michelin tyres, Arriva North West is making fuel consumption savings and reducing environmental impact. Jones commented that they are very happy with the added value Michelin offers, and they are looking at some other continuous improvements to help the efficiency of their fleet as they continue to transition from diesel to electric.

Arriva North West is already specifying MICHELIN X InCity EV Z tyres on all its new electric vehicles, which offer safety, longevity, load capacity benefits, and can help bus operators to cut CO2 emissions. Michelin’s service and technical support have been excellent, and they continue to assist transport businesses to achieve their sustainability goals and run more efficiently. More information on this can be found at business.michelin.co.uk

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