Michelin Training Helps Tanvic Tyres Future-Proof its Business and Boost Customer Service Levels

In an industry grappling with a significant skills shortage, investing in employee training and career development has become crucial for companies looking to stay competitive.

Tanvic Tyres, has taken a proactive step in this direction by enrolling 25 of its technicians in a bespoke training course offered by Michelin. The initiative aims to not only enhance the skills and knowledge of its workforce but also improve customer service levels, ultimately future-proofing the business.

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June 13, 2023

Recognising the importance of retaining talent and attracting new members to their team, Tanvic Tyres partnered with the Michelin Training and Information Centre (MTIC) to design and deliver a comprehensive three-day course. Located at Tanvic Tyres' depot in Newark, near Nottingham, the program offers a tailored curriculum developed by industry-leading experts from Michelin.

"As everyone is acutely aware, there is a huge skills shortage in our industry. We believe one of the main ways to retain staff and attract new members of the team is to invest in their training and provide a pathway to career development.", Adrian Bourke, Commercial Director at Tanvic Tyres.

The course conducted by Michelin has received high praise from Tanvic Tyres, with Bourke expressing his satisfaction, saying, "The course has been fantastic, both very informative and professional. The Michelin experts are the best in the industry, and their flexibility to fit the training around our business demands was hugely appreciated."

The course focuses on best practices for tyre technicians working with heavy goods vehicles (HGV) and bus & coach tyres. Paul Ryder, Training Instructor at MTIC, explains, "We take the technicians through the whole process. The training covers everything from the construction and manufacture of the tyres, sidewall markings, health & safety, safe jacking of a vehicle, wheel security, safe fitting, minor repairs, and regrooving."

The training included a range of topics including the safe jacking of a vehicle when fitting a tyre.

The comprehensive curriculum ensures that the technicians gain a well-rounded understanding of their craft and acquire the necessary tools to excel in their roles. Completing the course involves passing four practical assessments and nine theory tests, ensuring that each delegate demonstrates a high level of proficiency in their newfound skills.

Bourke highlighted the positive impact this training has on their business, stating, "As an independent business, our strapline has always been 'We don't sell tyres, we sell service,' and this training is helping us live up to that." He also highlights the significance of securing the future of the business, adding, "We are also looking to provide as much future protection to our business as possible. Skilled staff are at a much lower risk of injury and less likely to damage vehicles than those who have received little or no formal training. We couldn't recommend the Michelin team highly enough."

By investing in their technicians' professional development, Tanvic Tyres is not only equipping its workforce with the skills to deliver exceptional customer service but also mitigating potential risks associated with unskilled labor. This commitment to excellence and safety aligns with Michelin's dedication to assisting transport businesses in achieving sustainability goals and operating more efficiently.

For more information on how Michelin supports businesses in their pursuit of sustainability and efficiency, visit business.michelin.co.uk

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