MAXAM Tire Launches the MS925 LIFTXTRA: Elevating Aerial Work Platforms with Strength and Stability

In a groundbreaking move for the construction industry, MAXAM Tire has unveiled its latest innovation: the MS925 LIFTXTRA. Engineered specifically to meet the demanding requirements of aerial work platforms, this high-performance solution is set to redefine stability and strength in the field.

MAXAM Tire has long been a trusted name in the construction sector, and the MS925 LIFTXTRA is their latest offering designed with one mission in mind: to deliver unparalleled stability and performance for aerial work platforms. With six core market sizes ranging from 15-625 to 445/50D710, the LIFTXTRA is equipped to handle any ground conditions, ensuring reliability when it matters most.

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May 31, 2023

What sets the MS925 LIFTXTRA apart is its cutting-edge design that prioritises stability and handling for aerial work platforms. Featuring an aggressive and self-cleaning R4 tread pattern with deep lug grooves, this tyre guarantees superior traction. Combine that with a robust square shoulder design and a wide footprint, and you have a formula for maximum safety even in heavy-loaded conditions. Furthermore, the LIFTXTRA boasts an extra-thick sidewall gauge, providing exceptional resistance to cutting and ensuring it can withstand the harshest environments.

Maxam's MS925 LIFTXTRA apart is its cutting-edge design that prioritises stability and handling for aerial work platforms

Jimmy McDonnell, Vice President of Sales MAXAM Tire North America, highlighted the company's commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous innovation. He stated, “The MAXAM range of construction tyres has built a reputation for improved performance and value, producing exceptional customer feedback. With the addition of the all-new MS925 LIFTXTRA, we can provide valuable solutions for every application while also continuing the expansion of our reputation within the segment,’

As industry professionals seek enhanced stability and durability for their aerial work platforms, the MS925 LIFTXTRA stands out as a game-changer. MAXAM Tire's commitment to providing reliable and cutting-edge solutions has once again taken center stage, cementing their position as a leading force in the tyre industry.

For more information about the MS925 LIFTXTRA and MAXAM Tire's extensive product lineup, visit their official website or contact your nearest authorised MAXAM distributor.

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