MAXAM Tire Expands Construction Series with Four New All-Steel Radial Tyres

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MAXAM Tire Expands Construction Series with Four New All-Steel Radial Tyres
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April 11, 2023

MAXAM Tire has recently added four new all-steel radial tyres to their construction series, further bolstering their reputation in the industry. The MS901R, MS906R, MS907R, and MS917R are designed to provide superior performance for skid steer, backhoe, and compact wheel loader applications, reflecting MAXAM’s dedication to serving their construction industry customers worldwide.

MAXAM’s new multipurpose radial program has been developed to deliver the hours, traction, ride comfort, and lowest cost of ownership that operators require. The series boasts an all-steel radial construction that offers superior performance compared to the standard bias series, with 80% fewer flats and three to four times more usable tread life than bias tyres.

The steel belts in the radial program provide extra protection against punctures, reducing the risk of downtime and lowering the cost of ownership. Additionally, the MS901R and MS906R feature an aggressive R4 tread pattern that offers high traction in any condition. The MS907R features an extra-deep L5 tread pattern to handle rough and rocky terrains while providing a long tyre life. Lastly, the MS917R L4 deep block-style tread pattern offers users a reliable and durable tyre.

MAXAM has specifically developed this series with durable sidewalls and tread compounds to maximize wear and cut resistance and provide a longer tyre life. The reinforced bead directs sidewall deflection away from the rim, reducing tyre damage and protecting it from impacts, ultimately reducing the risk of downtime.

According to Jimmy McDonnell, Vice President of Sales MAXAM Tire North America, “The construction industry demands more out of a tyre than ever before. We built the all-new lineup of multipurpose radial tyres to meet these demands and further prove our commitment to advancing our construction solutions. Operators will receive a stronger, more reliable solution that allows crews to achieve more on their daily jobs.”

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