MARANGONI "A" Class Energy Saving RINGTREAD Tyre: Setting a New Benchmark in Retreading

MARANGONI, has recently unveiled an innovative achievement in the field of retreading. The company has successfully manufactured a RINGTREAD tyre that attained an "A" class energy saving level, as per the rigorous ECE.R 117 test used for new tyres.

By employing advanced technology and a commitment to environmental sustainability, MARANGONI has raised the bar for retreaded tyres, offering a compelling solution to tyre professionals and end users.

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June 6, 2023

Achieving Unprecedented Energy Efficiency:

MARANGONI's groundbreaking accomplishment stems from the utilization of a Blackline tread ring with an optimized design for low rolling resistance, combined with a high-quality casing that already boasted the best rolling resistance class in its first life. The retreading process took place at MARANGONI's state-of-the-art facility in Rovereto, where the company's headquarters and research and development center are located.

A Key Component: The Special Compound:

The critical element in this extraordinary achievement is the specially formulated compound created by MARANGONI exclusively for this purpose. By combining this compound with the unique performance features of the Blackline RTL FE tread pattern and the advantages provided by the RINGTREAD System—such as the absence of splices and structural deformation—the company successfully produced a retreaded tyre capable of attaining the prestigious "A" class rolling resistance rating, equivalent to new tyres.

Positive Industry Response:

The independent test laboratory Prüflabor Nord conducted the evaluation, and the results have garnered widespread praise from industry experts. The rarity of achieving an "A" class energy saving level in retreaded tyres has captured attention and reinforced MARANGONI's reputation for innovation and excellence.

Commitment to Environmental Impact Reduction:

Vittorio Marangoni, Chairman of the MARANGONI Group, expressed his satisfaction with the achievement, emphasizing the company's dedication to providing environmentally-friendly solutions without compromising performance. This significant milestone affirms that retreaded tyres, when produced with the highest quality standards, can rival the performance of the finest new tyres.

A Future Focused on Research and Development:

Marangoni concluded by reaffirming the company's commitment to advancing technology in the tyre retreading industry. By investing in research and development, MARANGONI aims to offer end users products that combine exceptional performance with an increasingly reduced environmental footprint. This groundbreaking accomplishment further motivates MARANGONI to promote environmentally-friendly, high-performance, and cutting-edge solutions.

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