Leading Tyre Manufacturers Offer Revolutionary Solution to Agricultural Tyre Pressure Problem

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Anura Associates SA
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March 28, 2023

Swiss firm Anura Associates SA has launched a new Agro Tyre Pressure app in collaboration with leading tyre manufacturers BRIDGESTONE, CONTINENTAL, MICHELIN, NOKIAN tyres, TRELLEBORG and VREDESTEIN. The app aims to solve the challenge faced by farmers in identifying the right tyre pressure for their agricultural vehicles and equipment.

All tyre manufacturers agree that the right pressure is essential for ensuring the best performance and service life of their products. However, with the variety of vehicles and implements used in agriculture, it can be challenging to adapt pressures appropriately. Farmers must refer to the manufacturer's documentation to define the correct pressure, which can be found in a databook, product sheet, or on the manufacturer's website, or by contacting a dealer. It becomes even more complicated if a fleet of agricultural vehicles has multiple brands of tyres, and pressures are often roughly defined, which can affect performance.

The Agro Tyre Pressure app is the only one that combines the databases of each manufacturer, including pressure, load, and speed tables. The app, which can be downloaded to a smartphone, provides easy and quick access to pressure recommendations for all brands commercialized by each tyre manufacturer mentioned. By selecting the load, speed, brand, range, and size of the tires, this app supports farmers in the correct use of their tyres, ensuring optimal performance, traction, fuel savings, and soil protection.

The collaboration between these leading tyre manufacturers is a significant step forward in supporting farmers in their work. The app provides a convenient solution to a challenging problem, reducing the risk of incorrect pressure, which can lead to tyre damage and reduced performance. The Agro Tyre Pressure app is available for download now, and farmers can access it from their smartphone to ensure they always have the right pressure for their tyres.

Download the Agro Tyre Pressure App Here

Download the Agro Tyre Pressure App for iSO > https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/agro-tyre-pressure/id1555456371

Download the Agro Tyre Pressure App for Android > https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=biz.anura.agrotyres

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