Landsail Tyres: Unleashing Performance and Confidence with Run-Flat Options

Landsail Tyres understands the evolving landscape of vehicle fitments, with over 90% coverage of UK cars. Consequently, it comes as no surprise that the company has expanded its range to include run-flat options.

For those vehicles equipped with run-flats as standard, Landsail offers both the UHP LS588 and LS388 models in run-flat sizes, presenting an opportunity for drivers to benefit from the advantages of these specialised tyres.

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Landsail Tyres
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June 13, 2023

Enhanced Safety and Performance:

Run-flat tyres are a testament to the significant advancements in tyre engineering, and Landsail has successfully struck the delicate balance between performance and comfort in their run-flat offerings. By employing a reinforced sidewall design, Landsail ensures that these tyres maintain their structural integrity, allowing drivers to reach their destination safely, even after a puncture.

Chris Saunders, Landsail UK Brand Manager, explains, "Landsail's run-flat tyres are designed and built to offer added comfort without compromising their driving performance or the ability to drive to safety following a puncture." This commitment to excellence means that drivers can rely on Landsail's run-flat tyres to deliver precise control, exceptional handling, and responsive braking, thereby instilling supreme confidence behind the wheel.

LS588: Unyielding Grip and Performance:

One of the standout options in Landsail's run-flat range is the LS588 model. Its 3D block design ensures maximum grip, allowing for enhanced traction over extended periods. Even with a lower profile, the LS588 has proven its ability to maintain sidewall support up to speeds of 50mph following a puncture. This outstanding feature not only instills confidence but also minimises the inconvenience and cost associated with replacing these highly engineered tyres.

LS388: Comfort Meets Reliability:

For smaller passenger vehicles, the LS388 pattern offers the same level of reassurance and reliability found in the LS588. With optimized pitch alignment for improved noise cancellation, the run-flat version of the LS388 guarantees a supremely comfortable driving experience. Drivers can rely on its grip and handling capabilities, providing peace of mind on every journey.

For more information on the Landsail run-flat range or to enquire about joining the Landsail dealer network, please visit

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