Lancia Chooses Goodyear to Develop High-Performance Tyre for Pu+Ra HPE

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April 17, 2023

Goodyear has been chosen to develop a bespoke tyre for Lancia's latest concept car, the Pu+Ra HPE, which represents the Italian carmaker's vision of design, sustainability, electrification, and technology. The all-electric concept car made its debut at Milan Design Week on April 15, showcasing Lancia's intention to become an all-electric brand by 2028.

Goodyear's bespoke tyre for the Pu+Ra HPE features a Lancia-specific sidewall design that complements the rim design of the vehicle, creating a visually pleasing look. The sidewall is not just aesthetically pleasing but has been designed to provide very high aerodynamic performance, enhancing energy efficiency.

The bespoke tyre has been specifically designed to handle the instantaneous torque of the electric vehicle, which is a critical requirement for the Pu+Ra HPE. The tyre's construction is unique and ensures that it can handle the high levels of torque produced by the electric motor.

Laurent Colantonio, Senior Director Technology Consumer, EMEA at Goodyear, said, "This year, Goodyear celebrates its 125th anniversary, so this is a fantastic moment to partner with Lancia for the rebirth of their iconic brand, bringing two pioneers of the automotive world back together in a moment of glory. We are thrilled to have worked on this concept tyre, which made us think outside of the box regarding customization, aerodynamics, and design."

The partnership between Lancia and Goodyear is a testament to both companies' commitment to innovation, sustainability, and design. The bespoke tyre has been seamlessly integrated into the overall design of the Pu+Ra HPE, enhancing energy efficiency while remaining aesthetically pleasing.

The Pu+Ra HPE represents Lancia's vision for the future of electric cars, and Goodyear's bespoke tyre is an integral part of that vision. As Lancia sets its sights on becoming an all-electric brand, the partnership with Goodyear will undoubtedly help achieve that goal.

The Pu+Ra HPE is the first of three all-new models that Lancia plans to launch in the coming years, with the Ypsilon urban crossover, the Gamma hatchback flagship, and compact Delta hatchback set to follow. With the bespoke tyre from Goodyear, Lancia's all-electric vision is now one step closer to becoming a reality.

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