Kenda Unveils New Brand Image and Logo: Designed for Your Journey

As the tyre industry evolves and adapts to meet the changing needs of consumers, Kenda has taken a significant step forward by unveiling its new brand image and logo.

With a vision of "Designed for Your Journey," Kenda aims to communicate its core values of honesty, quality, service, and innovation to both tyre professionals and end users.

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June 13, 2023

The newly unveiled logo incorporates three distinct design elements, each with its own symbolic representation. At the top, a check mark shape signifies quality assurance and safety, assuring customers that Kenda is committed to delivering reliable and dependable products. The inverted V shape at the bottom represents a strong foundation, emphasising the brand's stability and durability. Finally, a diagonal line running through the middle symbolises the road ahead, reflecting Kenda's focus on innovation and constant exploration of new possibilities.

This brand refresh strategy aligns with Kenda's belief that dreams are the driving force behind progress. Kenda understands that every journey is unique, and their products are designed to be perfect companions no matter where the path may lead. With a deep commitment to helping customers reach their destinations safely and reliably, Kenda prides itself on producing tyres that are not only performance-oriented but also value-driven.

Jimmy Yang, Chairman and President of Kenda, emphasises the company's dedication to being a world-class brand. He states, "We design our products to be durable, performance-oriented, and value-driven. We are constantly exploring possibilities and finding new ways to innovate and improve our efficiency and capabilities. Our new brand image and logo reflect our vision of Designed for Your Journey, and our commitment to being a world-class brand."

Kenda's journey began in 1962 with bicycle tyres, and since then, it has expanded its product range to include motorcycle, specialty, and automobile tyres. With a strong presence in Taiwan, Kenda proudly represents its country on the global stage and has established itself as a leader in the rubber industry. By strategically locating technology centres in the United States, China, Europe, and Taiwan, Kenda ensures that it can meet market demands and exceed customer expectations.

In addition to its tyre manufacturing expertise, Kenda also actively promotes its brand awareness through sponsorships of various sports events and teams worldwide. By inspiring people to follow their passions, Kenda further emphasises its commitment to supporting customers in their own personal journeys.

Looking ahead, Kenda remains steadfast in its commitment to providing the highest quality and most innovative products while maintaining exceptional customer service. The company invites its customers to join them on their journey, as they continue to strive for excellence.

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