Kenda KR210 Kenetica Pro Shows Strong Safety Performance in Tests

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March 3, 2023

Kenda Tire Europe's KR210 Kenetica Pro tyre has achieved a three-star "recommended" rating in recent tests conducted by the Swiss Touring Club (TCS). The tyre has outperformed some of the top players in the market in certain test criteria. The secret behind this success is Kenda's continuous investment in its research and development centre.

The Kenda Europe Technical Centre (KETC), which started operating in 2018 in Winsen, Germany, is led by Frits van der Steege, the technical director for Kenda Europe and Starco. The KETC team carries out extensive testing of Kenda tires both in the laboratory and on the road.

According to the TCS tests, the Kenda KR210 Kenetica Pro tyre ranked 11th out of 50 summer tyres, including budget, quality or second-line, and premium tyres. The tests were performed by TCS experts at their headquarters in Ostermundigen, Switzerland, to celebrate 50 years of testing.

The Kenda KR210 Kenetica Pro, developed at KETC in Germany, outperformed five premium branded tyres in terms of overall grade. It also showed excellent results on both wet and dry road surfaces, achieving a 1% higher rating on wet roads and an overall 4% increase in safety performance compared to a comparable tyre. Furthermore, its environmental performance was comparable to that of premium tyres.

Kenda KR210 Kenetica Pro Tyre.
“We are very proud of our position. The results of these tests prove that we are heading in the right direction. Pivotal to this success is our committed investment in a large-scale expansion of our European development facility, which includes modern development laboratories and the very latest measuring and testing technology for quality control.”
Henno Plaggenborg, Director of Automotive Division, Europe

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