Introduction to Prinx Chengshan's New European Flagship Tyre Range

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Prinx Chengshan
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February 2, 2023

Chinese tyre manufacturer, Prinx Chengshan, made headlines last year at The Tire Cologne show with its announcement of plans to bring its flagship tyre brand, Prinx, to Europe. This dream has now become a reality, accompanied by the launch of the new European site, This article takes a closer look at the full range of passenger products available on the new site, and the performance features that make these tyres stand out in a competitive market.

The Best Tyres for Urban Commuting Electric Vehicles: XLAB Comfort EV

The XLAB Comfort EV has been designed with urban commuters in mind, and is billed as the "wise choice of urban commuting electric vehicles". With excellent hydroplaning performance and low noise, this tyre has been rigorously tested against a "top brand" competitor, and emerged superior in terms of wet braking, noise, and mileage. The sidewall lettering and artwork have also been given the Inktech treatment, making the XLAB Comfort EV a stylish addition to any electric vehicle.

A High-End Premium UHP Product: Aquila REV

The high-end premium UHP product, Aquila REV, is Prinx Chengshan's answer to the tier one brands in the market. Available in 38 sizes for 17- to 22-inch rim diameters for cars and SUVs, this tyre promises "outstanding stability and instant response", delivering "high safety performance on dry and wet roads". The Aquila REV is a serious contender in the UHP market.

A High-Performance Summer Tyre: Aquila Pro

The high-performance summer tyre, Aquila Pro, is designed to perform on par with tier one brand tyres. With excellent wet performance in terms of grip and braking, comfortable and silent driving, and energy-efficient performance, the Aquila Pro is offered in 42 sizes for 14- to 19-inch rim diameters.

A Summer-Oriented All-Season Tyre: Quattura 4S

For drivers looking for an all-season tyre, the Prinx Quattura 4S offers a summer-oriented product with a v-shaped tread pattern. This tyre is 3PMSF certified, and provides "excellent safety performance in all weather conditions." With a range of 29 sizes for 14- to 20-inch rim diameters, the Quattura 4S is suitable for both cars and SUVs.

A Winter Tyre with Superior Stability and Safety: Winter Excelia

The winter tyre in the Prinx line-up is called Winter Excelia, and provides "superior stability and safety on snowy and icy roads", as well as "reliable traction on wet and dry roads at low temperatures." With a range of 36 sizes covering 14- to 19-inch rim diameters, the Winter Excelia is an excellent choice for winter driving conditions.

The full range of passenger products available on is both extensive and high-performing. From the XLAB Comfort EV, designed for urban commuting electric vehicles, to the high-end premium UHP product, Aquila REV, and the high-performance summer tyre, Aquila Pro, Prinx Chengshan is targeting tier one brands with its European flagship tyre range. Whether you're looking for a tyre for your electric vehicle, a high-performance summer tyre, an all-season tyre, or a winter tyre, the Prinx range has a product to suit your needs.


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