Introducing Nokian Tyres Snowproof Family- The New Flagship Range of Winter Tyres

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Nokian Tyres
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February 28, 2023

Nokian Tyres, is proud to announce the launch of its new flagship range of winter tyres – the Nokian Tyres Snowproof family. With the extended and upgraded Snowproof family, Central European drivers can expect uncompromising performance on snow, slush, and heavy rain. This latest tyre portfolio comprises four tyre models, catering to a wide range of vehicle sizes – from small family cars to large and heavy SUVs.

Unmatched Safety and Control with Nokian Tyres Snowproof Family

The Snowproof family's most significant characteristic is its excellent safety in all driving conditions. It offers controlled and predictable driving, whether you are driving on speedy autobahns, busy urban traffic, or scenic Alpine roads. The tyres deliver ultimate safety when you need it the most. The modern Snowproof product range provides an innovative combination of superior winter grip, stability, and driving comfort.

Nokian Tyres Snowproof 2

Nokian Tyres Snowproof 2: The Ultimate Solution for Passengers Cars and SUVs

The new Nokian Tyres Snowproof 2 is specially designed for passenger cars, while the Nokian Tyres Snowproof 2 SUV is perfect for sport utility models and crossovers. Both models come with optimized tread designs, compound updates, and rigorous testing, ensuring maximum safety on the road. The new range of Snowproof tyres provides drivers with the confidence to drive in all kinds of winter conditions, whether on deep, freezing ice, fluffy, glittery snow, heavy and damp sleet, or wet and murky slush.

SilentDrive™ Technology: A Game-Changer in Driving Comfort

One of the significant highlights of the Snowproof family is the SilentDrive™ Technology, a feature that delivers exceptional driving comfort. Developed with environmental friendliness and driving comfort in mind, the SilentDrive™ Technology is successfully used in Nokian Tyres winter tyres for the Nordic market. The technology is achieved by adding a light layer of acoustic foam to the inner liner of the tyre, resulting in exceptionally low sound levels. The SilentDrive™ Technology is available in selected Snowproof 2 SUV sizes, providing drivers with a peaceful and comfortable ride.

Upgraded Nokian Tyres Snowproof 1 and Nokian Tyres Snowproof P

The Snowproof family also features an upgraded model, the Nokian Tyres Snowproof 1. Previously known as WR Snowproof, this passenger car model's improvements can be experienced, particularly during wet driving conditions. The Nokian Tyres Snowproof P continues to serve the Ultra-High-Performance section of the market, offering a stylish and sporty design.


The new Nokian Tyres Snowproof range comes with a comprehensive size selection and will be available to Central European consumers in autumn 2023.

The Nokian Tyres Snowproof family is the perfect solution for Central European drivers looking for maximum safety and control on the road during the winter season. With its innovative tyre technology and optimized design, the Snowproof range offers exceptional winter grip, stability, and driving comfort. Choose Nokian Tyres Snowproof, and experience the ultimate driving performance in all winter conditions.


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