Goodyear's Sustainable Reality Survey Calls European Transport Fleets to Action

In an ever-evolving world where sustainability takes centre stage, it is imperative for industries to assess their efforts and drive positive change. Recognising this need, Goodyear, a renowned name in the transportation sector, is once again stepping up to the plate with its annual Sustainable Reality Survey.

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May 17, 2023

This comprehensive initiative aims to shed light on the progress made by the European transport industry towards sustainability, while also identifying emerging challenges. It's an opportunity for transport fleets to share their experiences, learn from one another, and contribute to a greener future. With the third edition of the survey now underway, it's time for European transport fleets to participate and make their voices heard.

Exploring the Evolving Landscape:

Last year, Goodyear launched the Sustainable Reality Survey, a groundbreaking endeavor that examined the transformative changes taking place across the transport industry in Europe. The survey provided valuable insights into how the industry has responded to the sustainability challenges it faces and brought to light the emergence of new hurdles. It was a wake-up call for stakeholders to evaluate their practices and embrace more sustainable solutions.

Unleashing the Power of Collaboration:

Once again, Goodyear is calling upon European transport fleets to take part in the annual Sustainable Reality Survey. By participating, fleets can contribute to a broader understanding of the industry's approach to sustainability and play an active role in shaping its future. This inclusive initiative invites all interested fleets to share their successes, challenges, and experiences on their unique journeys towards sustainability.

How to Participate:

Participating in the Sustainable Reality Survey is a seamless process. Interested fleets can join by visiting the survey's official website at The survey will remain open until 21st July, allowing ample time for fleets to submit their valuable input.

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