Goodyear selected by Airbus to provide tyres for the New A321XL

In a collaboration between two industry leaders, Airbus has chosen Goodyear as the tyre supplier for its highly anticipated New A321XL.

With its Flight Radial Tyre, Goodyear sets a higher standard for efficiency, durability, and weight reduction in the aviation sector.

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June 16, 2023

Unveiling the Goodyear Flight Radial Tyre:

As the A321XL takes to the skies in 2024, it will be equipped with Goodyear's Flight Radial Tyre, a weight-efficient and cost-effective solution designed to enhance landings and overall performance. Representing one of Goodyear's most advanced aviation products, this tyre showcases cutting-edge technologies and features that prioritize dimensional stability for extended lifespan and increased cut resistance.

Optimising Efficiency and Weight Reduction:

Goodyear's Flight Radial Tyre boasts a radial construction that allows for more landings, offering a significant advantage in terms of operational efficiency. The tyre's optimized bead design plays a vital role in reducing weight, contributing to improved fuel efficiency and environmental sustainability. Notably, the ultra-lightweight nature of the tyre has earned it the esteemed system part certification from Airbus, solidifying its position as an industry-leading solution for efficiency and weight reduction.

Collaboration for Excellence:

Octavian Velcan, Managing Director of OTR & Aviation EMEA at Goodyear, expressed pride in the selection of Goodyear by Airbus. He emphasized the collaborative effort in developing a tyre that strikes the perfect balance between robustness and weight reduction, aligning with the specific needs of operators. This partnership highlights the commitment of both companies to deliver exceptional performance and meet the evolving demands of the aviation industry.

Revolutionary Tyre Technologies:

Goodyear's Flight Radial Tyre for the A321XL introduces groundbreaking technologies that further enhance its performance capabilities. These innovations include:

Featherweight Aluminum Core Bead™ Technology:

By incorporating aluminum cord beads, the tyre achieves significant weight savings without compromising tyre and bead geometry, strength, or durability. This technological advancement contributes to overall weight reduction and improved efficiency.

Merged Cord™ Technology:

The combination of DuPont™ Kevlar® wound with nylon, known as Merged Cord™ Technology, enhances tyre strength while reducing weight. This cutting-edge design also minimizes casing growth, leading to improved resistance against foreign object damage and extended wear resistance for prolonged tread life.

DiamondWeave Belt Technology:

Goodyear's Flight Radial Tyre utilises DiamondWeave Belt Technology, which strategically places cords within the tyre for optimized treadwear. This innovation ensures superior performance and longevity, further solidifying Goodyear's commitment to delivering reliable and long-lasting products.

Continuing the Tradition of Excellence:

These innovative tyres are just the latest in the long tradition of Goodyear technology. This year, Goodyear celebrates its 125-year anniversary by continuing to deliver the products and services that move the world.

Goodyear will feature the Airbus fitment selection for the new A321XLR as part of the brand presence at the Paris Air Show from June 19-25, 2023.

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