Goodyear Introduces Urban Max BSA(EV)

Goodyear Tyre & Rubber Company has unveiled its latest breakthrough: the Urban Max BSA(EV) (Bus Service All-Position) tyre.

Designed in collaboration with GILLIG, the leading manufacturer of American-built heavy-duty transit buses, this tyre represents a significant advancement in tyre technology specifically tailored for electric buses. The Urban Max BSA(EV) offers enhanced traction, lower rolling resistance, and increased load-carrying capacity, contributing to improved efficiency and range for EV transit fleets.

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June 12, 2023

Promoting Sustainable Battery Electric Vehicles:

As communities across the nation transition to more sustainable transportation options, Goodyear's Urban Max BSA(EV) tyre has emerged as a vital component in driving the adoption of battery electric buses. With a focus on reducing rolling resistance, this tyre enables extended range and supports the increased load-carrying requirements of electric buses. Goodyear's partnership with GILLIG has allowed the development of a rugged, purpose-built tyre that can withstand the unique demands of battery electric fleets.

Enabling Greater Load Capacity:

The Urban Max BSA(EV) tyre is currently available in the size of 315/80R22.5, featuring an impressive load capacity of 10,200 pounds. This load range L tyre option empowers select GILLIG Battery Electric buses and municipal EV fleets to carry additional battery packs, thereby extending their range and operational capabilities. Goodyear's commitment to engineering a tyre that can accommodate the increased weight of electric vehicle batteries ensures that EV buses can deliver optimal performance while meeting the evolving demands of the transit industry.

Fostering Collaboration and Innovation:

The development of the Urban Max BSA(EV) tyre is a testament to the enduring partnership between Goodyear and GILLIG. Both companies share a common goal of driving sustainable innovation in the transportation sector. By leveraging their collective talent and expertise, Goodyear and GILLIG have created a tyre that sets a new standard for the transit industry. This groundbreaking product exemplifies their dedication to delivering robust, reliable, and environmentally friendly solutions.

Unparalleled Features for Modern Transit Fleets:

The Urban Max BSA(EV) tyre offers a range of innovative features designed to meet the diverse needs of today's transit and metro bus fleets. Its tread design incorporates deep siping to maintain Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) traction, ensuring superior performance in challenging weather conditions. Additionally, the tyre's enhanced 4-belt package enables a high load-carrying capacity of 10,200 pounds, providing exceptional support for the added weight of electric vehicle batteries. By utilizing an innovative low-rolling resistance compound, Goodyear has enhanced the tyre's energy efficiency, further contributing to extended electric vehicle range.

Commitment to Sustainable Mobility:

Goodyear's Urban Max BSA(EV) tyre is an integral part of the company's Total Mobility platform, which encompasses a comprehensive range of trusted products, premier service networks, and complete tyre management solutions. By integrating this innovative tyre into their transit fleets, customers can benefit from improved performance, reduced operational costs, and increased sustainability. Goodyear remains dedicated to driving mobility forward and has been at the forefront of tyre innovation since 1898.

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