Goodyear Embarks on Drive Results Tour Across Europe

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April 15, 2023

Goodyear, is set to embark on an impressive commercial vehicle tour, visiting 15 countries across Europe between April and November 2023. The tour will showcase the full breadth of Goodyear's Total Mobility offering through its new Drive Results showroom truck at a variety of European events.

Goodyear's Total Mobility offering provides an end-to-end approach designed to help fleets maximize efficiency, increase competitiveness, and be more sustainable through its integrated products, services, and mobility solutions. With sustainability and cost-efficiency driving the adoption of mobility solutions for fleets, Goodyear's latest Sustainable Reality Survey conducted in 2022 showed that 41% of fleets said reducing operational costs was a significant factor when considering new solutions, an increase from 32% in 2021.

Furthermore, 41% of fleets see sustainability as an opportunity to lower operating costs, an increase of 28% compared to 2021. There is also evidence that fleets have become even more sensitive to costs in the current economic climate, with the number of fleets asking for financial incentives rising by 4% compared to 2021. Investing wisely for maximum return on investment is true of all businesses and particularly important today.

With the Drive Results Tour, Goodyear aims to address fleets' challenges and demonstrate that effective sustainable solutions do not have to be complex revenue trade-offs. The interactive showroom truck has been completely updated since the 2022 tour, offering an even more immersive customer experience and a comprehensive overview of Goodyear's products and solutions. To offer visitors an enhanced experience, the Drive Results showroom will include an engaging mix of physical and virtual features.

Visitors can experience not only the latest tyres but also all the mobility solutions such as Goodyear TPMS, Goodyear CheckPoint, or Goodyear DrivePoint, all connected with modern web and mobile applications powered by data processing, demonstrating Goodyear's expertise in supporting transport fleets in the future and demanding transport ecosystem.

The tour's busy schedule includes attendance at a wide variety of events, from the Goodyear FIA European Truck Racing Championship (ETRC) to exhibitions specializing in truck, fleet, and logistical operations. The Drive Results Tour begins at Transport 2023 in Herning, Denmark, on 20th April, followed by several logistic-focused shows. After taking a prime spot at the first round of the Goodyear FIA ETRC season in Misano, Italy, it will continue its presence at all the races of this season.

Maciej Szymanski, Marketing Director Commercial Europe, Goodyear, commented, "Goodyear Total Mobility runs broader than just tyres, as it is offering a tailored end-to-end solution that enhances fleet efficiency, competitiveness, and support achieving sustainability goals. In what remains a challenging economic environment, fleets need to operate at the highest level. I am very happy that once again, we will be able to present our solutions in one place through a specially designed showroom truck that provides an amazing experience to every visitor."

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