GB Tyres Launches Three New Websites to Enhance Trade Partner Experience

GB Tyres, has recently unveiled three new websites dedicated to their prominent tyre brands: Aerotyre, Challenger, and Samson.

These user-friendly websites aim to provide a comprehensive reference tool for trade partners and potential end users. Offering valuable insights into the brands, their manufacturers, and an up-to-date product catalogue, GB Tyres seeks to enhance customer experience and foster stronger relationships within the industry.

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GB Tyres
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June 6, 2023

Aerotyre: A modern world class tyre brand designed and developed in Europe

Aerotyre, GB Tyres' exciting new brand, is manufactured by a globally renowned tyre producer. Designed in Europe with a commitment to delivering superior quality and value for money, Aerotyre has quickly gained recognition since its introduction to the market in 2022. Initial feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with the product quality exceeding high expectations. To showcase the expanding product range and support brand activities, GB Tyres has launched a dedicated website. The site will continue to develop as brand activities increase, and the product range further develops.

Challenger: Move forward with confidence

Challenger Tyres are manufactured by JK Tyre who ranks among the Top 20 tyre manufacturers in the world. The Company has 12 globally benchmarked ‘sustainable’ manufacturing facilities – 9 in India and 3 in Mexico – that collectively produce around 35 million tyres annually.

Samson Tyres: Driving quality delivery value

Samson Tyres, produced by a renowned global tyre manufacturer with a legacy dating back to 1958, holds a position among the top 40 tyre manufacturers worldwide. Building on successful sales records.

Trade Partner-Focused Websites for Enhanced Engagement

The newly launched websites are designed with a clear objective in mind: to serve as a valuable reference tool for trade partners and potential end users. These websites offer a wealth of information, including details about the brands and their respective manufacturers. Additionally, visitors can explore the live product catalogues, allowing trade partners to effortlessly stay up-to-date with the product range.

Looking Ahead: Multi-Lingual Versions and Continued Growth

GB Tyres remains committed to expansion and customer satisfaction. In line with their growth plans, the company intends to make multi-lingual versions of both the Challenger and Samson websites available in the near future. By catering to a broader international audience, GB Tyres aims to strengthen relationships with trade partners and reach potential customers across various markets. These strategic initiatives reflect the company's dedication to remaining at the forefront of the tyre industry.

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